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In Topic: removing cd6000 from 58 focus

06 November 2009 - 11:36 AM


problem solved, the fascia ( radio surround ) just pops off to reveal the stereo held in by four screws, one each corner.
unscrew and bobs your uncle the stereo is out.

When popping the fascia off be very carefull and do it gently, its doesnt come off easily and will bend if you pull it quickly.
I used a butter knife at the edge to prize it up, you will here the clips holding it on click open. Start at the sides and slowly work round

I have just removed the facia on my 58 plate Focus to fit a phone bracket. I used 2 butter knives so you can hold the facia up with one whilst you work your way round the facia with the other. Worked a treat. Thanks