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#57389 Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

Posted by Steven Dark on 01 January 2010 - 12:40 PM

I guess i should shed some light, sorry i didn't reply sooner have been busy at work past few days.

Anyway, took it to ford, they phoned me up half way through the day saying, it wont work, we've tried everything, even tried in another car and my ipod didnt work in there.. I went down there and found they were using an iPod lead, not the ford Y cable (Muppets).

Anyway, we tried it in their showroom car and it worked fine.
Tried in my car and you can see all the playlists/artists/albums etc. Further than before, this time ford decided to Enable the USB on the cars computer.
Problem is when you click to play the song, the stereo just jumps back to Line-In.
Has anyone seen this before? my local ford dealers haven't. Im going to go back in during the week because they said they would phone ford technical about it (ford technical dont work between xmas and new year).

The guys there were thinking that the module may be faulty, but I personally dont think this is the case. I think they dont know what they are doing.

I've emailed the company i got the module from and they say its covered by my dealers warranty, so thats good news if it is faulty. But I also asked if there were different models of head units (Just in case there are)

I now wish i never bothered with this, taking far to much time to do something probably quite simple.

#54966 Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

Posted by Steven Dark on 17 December 2009 - 06:32 PM

And yet again..... disappointment, mainly from ford <_<

Basically, they said the car has everything enabled to have USB, the guy doing the work was as confused as i am right now... He tried loads - run many diagnostic tests from IDS. IDS claimed there were faults there that weren't (like the voice control wasnt working, when clearly it was).

So what now? The guy says that he wants the car booked in again, and it will get priority over other cars :rolleyes: So will probably have a whole day spent looking at it. He was concerned that the BT module was possibly faulty. but before he can say yes its faulty and get ford to order a new one he has to check the cables, so he is ordering in all the cables, so they can be checked (pointless to me, they are just usb cables). then they can go to the next stage in IDS, which he thinks is the bluetooth module, so if it comes down to that, they probably can order a new one.

He confirmed all the parts were correct, and was going to double check again.

My guess is that its maybe the module. because he explained that parts like these are plug and play, no software upgrades needed anymore. So looks like we're all going to have to wait that little bit longer, sorry people. Hopefully will get my car booked in for Monday/Tuesday, and I am determined not to leave ford until it is working.

#54105 Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

Posted by Steven Dark on 13 December 2009 - 09:26 AM

for all of you who might like a wiring diagram of the stereo
wiring digram location...
click one the file ford stereo then click download

this will only be here for a few days