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10 November 2011 - 05:11 PM

Hi I am not a new chap, been on here some time, just use the site for info for my Nissan Terrano...... For all you out there screaming at me this is a Ford site, I know, Ford brought the car from Nissan and called it a Maverick... I just paid the extra for the Nissan badge...

So I would like to say hi, follow me on twitter Formula1Dragon just google it, you will find all the pages are about me B)

Which is rather cool as the name has become a commodity, I have my own forum, for formula 1, and my own shop for Dragon gear.

However this site has been good to me, brilliant free advice from the Mavericks, not the band, the car owners and even though I have a Nissan it is great to be part of the club...

Thanks for saying hello, oh BTW just got married... :D

So hope to chat to some of your soon, if you want to go offroad driving with me let me know. B)