Are genuine Ford parts worth it?

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Let’s face it – Ford doesn’t have a particularly bad reputation for producing cars that are expensive to maintain, but in this day and age owners are of course looking to save a bit of money here and there, and that’s where the age old debate of after market vs genuine Ford parts comes in. Is it still worth saving the extra few quid on that oil filter?

Traditionally, genuine Ford parts may have been seen as an unnecessary expense by many owners who may have felt that Ford prices were simply too expensive vs their after market equivalent. In fact, it’s all too easy to jump to conclusions on pricing before properly weighing up the benefits of each part.

Another interesting point is that Ford’s new global vehicle strategy is actually having the knock on effect of reducing production costs and therefore prices of certain parts. Think about it – Ford are now selling more of their vehicles globally (think the Mustang/Edge in the UK and the new Focus RS in the USA) rather than offering different vehicles in different countries. This means more cars using the same parts, and bigger production runs for parts brings prices down – good news for Ford owners.


You also need to take into account that you don’t have to walk into your local Ford dealership to get your genuine Ford parts any more.┬áIt’s now possible to order your genuine Ford parts from online parts stores, such as the newly opened Jennings Motor Group online store, who can offer additional savings to customers of up to 20% off the RRP, and thus making genuine Ford parts even more affordable. You can find a link to the new Jennings Online Parts Store below:

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for both types of parts below.

Genuine Ford Parts Pros:

  • It’s easier to choose your part – you can simply walk into a dealership or use a genuine online parts store with your registration number and you’ll generally be offered only one choice; the correct one.
  • You know it will be good quality – the genuine Ford part will be exactly the same as the one you’ve removed and you know the car was designed to work with it.
  • Guarantee – genuine Ford parts usually come with some sort of guarantee or warranty, so if the part fails within a set period of time, you usually have a good leg to stand on when it comes to getting it replaced.
  • Protect your warranty – if your car is still under manufacturer warranty, you know that if you or your garage fits a genuine Ford part you will not have any warranty issues. It is true that you can use some after market parts providing they are of OEM quality, but you have to prove that they are of OEM quality should the worst happen. Genuine parts mean peace of mind.

Genuine Ford Parts Cons:

  • Price – traditionally seen as a more expensive option, although as mentioned above this is now not always the case.

After Market Parts Pros:

  • Price – sometimes less expensive but price can vary hugely depending on brand and where you buy from.
  • Quality can be a match for genuine parts, but not always.
  • Lots of choice – There are plenty of companies who make large selections of after market parts for Ford models.
  • Availability – you can walk into many different car parts shops and use a wide selection of web sites to obtain after market parts.

After Market Parts Cons:

  • Varying quality – after market parts can vary in quality wildly, with some matching OEM quality and some leaving a lot to be desired. You definitely get what you pay for too.
  • Huge selection and choice can be overwhelming – unless you really know what you’re looking for or have someone on hand who can help, the choice of after market parts can be overwhelming, and you may even end up taking the wrong part home if there is a choice of more than one as is often the case.
  • Potential lack of warranty – if the part fails don’t expect to get any help from Ford, and in some cases the manufacturer of the part may not cover you so be sure to check the fine print.


It appears the tide may be turning for genuine Ford parts. As you can see above, quality and availability has never been an issue when it comes to genuine Ford parts, and with prices being driven down thanks to Ford’s global strategy and new discounted online Ford parts stores such as the Jennings, there’s never been a better time to go genuine. It’s true that you can still get some excellent quality after market parts, but unless you really know where to look it can be a gamble. With genuine Ford parts prices becoming more and more competitive, why take the risk when it comes to using a quality component on your car?



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