JustCONNECT Makes adding DAB Digital Radio into your car easy

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

JustCONNECT launched with one simple mission – They wanted to connect people to DAB Digital Radio in their vehicle, whatever they drive, & then take this a step further by making it extremely easy & convenient for customers to get their DAB Kit installed.

So their business was founded on the basis of supplying a No-Nonsense, Automotive Add-On DAB Radio Kit. It had to fit anything that drives on our UK roads, whilst also retaining the vehicles AM/FM radio. Also they wanted to team this up with a UK Nationwide Fitting Service that can travel to a customer’s door & professionally install their kit, at a fixed, affordable & acceptable price no matter what they drive around in, & all of this in one central place – www.justconnectme.co.uk.

After months of development, testing & logistical planning they successfully released their JustDRIVE DAB Digital Radio kit & their JustFITTED Nationwide Installation Service at the end of 2012.

They pride themselves on good advice & service, Jono Vettel – Co-Founder said, ‘For us nothing compares to seeing another satisfied customer, especially when it is because of the product & service that we created. We work hard to make sure our customers feel comfortable & confident with their purchase & beyond. We are here every day to serve our new potential customers & to also make sure that our existing customers are getting the most out of their JustDRIVE DAB Radio Kit & the ever growing BIG world of DAB Digital Radio. Our customers tell us that our product & service is very good, take a look at our customer reviews to see for yourself, these are unprovoked & left because customers genuinely feel they want to share something about their shopping experience with us’

So, go check them out & visit their website – www.justconnectme.co.uk – Its a great place to get DAB Digital Radio into your car.

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