Ford Fiesta RS Coming Soon?

Wednesday 8 January 2014

By James Mosley

It looks like Ford could be about to turn up the heat on the UK’s favourite new hot hatch, Fiesta ST. Auto Express have reported that Ford insiders have told them that a new Fiesta RS is still planned along with the upcoming Focus RS. All Ford needs to do is come up with a convincing business case for the RS before it commits to production and with all of the positive reviews for the current ST model as well as stories of demand outstripping supply, we can’t see how Ford will have much trouble with this.

With a base car as good as the current Fiesta ST, a new Ford Fiesta RS could be a very exciting car indeed. It would likely have a more extreme body kit and wheels, as well as a significant power hike from the ST. Expect around 230bhp – up considerably from the ST’s 179bhp. The engine will likely still retain the 1.6 ecoboost configuration from the current ST though with a few small modifications and a revised map. Suspension will likely be upgraded to with the possible inclusion of a limited slip differential to increase grip to the front wheels.

With most recent RS models arriving towards the end of vehicle life cycles, expect to see the car launched sometime in 2015 if Ford can justify the business case for the car. A price tag of around £23,000 would see it priced in around the same region as a decent specification Focus ST.

Source: Auto Express



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