Ford Mustang 50 Years

Thursday 27 March 2014

By James Mosley

As a part of the Ford Mustang 50 Years celebrations, Ford will be displaying the new Mustang on top of the Empire State Building next month, recreating the publicity stunt used in celebration of the original model’s launch.

Ford are celebrating the fact that the Mustang has been in continuous production for the last 50 years. Back in 1965, Ford were forced to cut the Mustang into 3 pieces before using the building’s elevators to transport the car up to the 86th floor.

While Ford will have technology on their side these days, it will still be somewhat of an achievement to bring the car up and the latest Mustang is both longer and wider than the original.

The car will be displayed on top of the building for 54 hours (April 16th – 17th) prior to the New York Motor Show.



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