Clamping banned in England and Wales

Ford Owners Club
Monday 1 October 2012

Good news everyone, from today (1/10/12) the fear of someone clamping your Ford will be a thing of the past.

Clamping has now been outlawed on private land in England and Wales.

It marks the end of the cowboy clamper who has been a nightmare for thousands upon thousands of motorists.

The ban is part of new legislation under the the Protection of Freedoms Act which makes clamping and towing away on private land a criminal offence.

Lord Taylor of Holbeach, the Home Office Minister responsible for changes to vehicle clamping law, said: “This common-sense ban will give motorists the protection they deserve against rogue wheel clamping and towing companies.

“It will save motorists £55 million each year in clamping charges and finally penalise the real criminals: the corrupt firms themselves.”

Whilst we will no longer fear the dreaded boot, there are some tighter laws surrounding parking tickets.

Unpaid charges can now be claimed from the keeper of the car as well as the driver… so, if the driver dodges the fine, the registered keeper will have to fork out for it. 

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