Modified cars could be banned

Ford Owners Club
Tuesday 11 September 2012

Modified cars could be banned from the roads if the EU plans to shake up the MOT goes ahead.

The EU has announced that it plans to introduce a rule that says a car must be identical to how it was when it left the factory in order to pass its MOT.

This would mean that any modifications, regardless of their effects on safety or performance, would mean an automatic fail.

It is unlikely that a new ruling would have any affect on wear and tear parts such as windscreen wipers.

The EU has said that this will affect all cars regardless of age, meaning any older, classic cars can’t be updated with newer, more efficient engines or better safety equipment.

The proposal is very much in early days and it is unlikely that it will go in to effect as it is now but you can expect some modified cars to be in trouble if any plans of this like go ahead.

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