Turbo Dynamics can absolutely, positively make it perform better

Friday 9 August 2013

No matter what kind, type or size of vehicle you own or run, Turbo Dynamics can absolutely, positively make it perform better.

No matter what you drive, how often you drive it, or what you use it for Turbo Dynamics can make your vehicle…

up to 40% More Powerful…
up to 20% More Fuel Efficient…
and More Enjoyable to Drive…

We’re so confident that our products and services deliver time after time, that we provide every customer with a 100% no quibble, cast iron, money back guarantee.

If you don’t immediately see the savings, if you can’t instantly feel the extra power or aren’t completely satisfied in any way, we will refund your investment in full.

When you buy a new vehicle, its Engine Control Unit (ECU) is set on a default setting.  This default, although optimized to be useable in countries with inferior fuel quality and differing climates, isn’t the best and the most efficient possible for your vehicle. This is best demonstrated by the same model of vehicle having the same engine but a differing performance. The only difference is the software map.

This process was referred to as chipping in the past – but why the change in the name? Are there any significant changes aside from the name-change? The answer is yes, there is a great change in the process of making your vehicles more efficient. Both processes still involve the vehicle’s ECU but the process of mapping is much safer and advanced compared with chipping. Chipping is old technology and relatively complicated compared with Mapping.

Chipping is a method that entails physically opening your vehicle’s ECU and replacing the main microchip on the circuit board that has already been pre-configured by the technician. Just the process itself is sketchy and it might cause possible problems to your vehicle especially if the chip wasn’t installed properly or if the chip isn’t compatible with your vehicle’s ECU. The main criticism with this process is the relatively high failure rate and since you change something physical on your vehicle.  Furthermore, the process is more laborious and thus it is more time consuming.

On the other hand, re-mapping is much more efficient and less messy. The process only involves connecting your vehicle’s ECU to a computer and the technician will then read your vehicle’s map.   A highly skilled technician will then review the many areas within the software and adjust the various parameters to give your vehicle optimum performance and fuel savings. Not only does your vehicle remain physically intact, the process requires less labour and thus is faster and more efficient.

Please see our website http://www.turbodynamics.co.uk/services/mapping for more information and contact us for a bespoke quote, prices start from £250 + Vat



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