B-Max to bring SYNC system to Europe

Wednesday 15 August 2012

The all new B-Max is set to bring Ford’s SYNC voice control to Europe for the first time.

It lets the you connect any mobiles, MP3 players, i-Pods etc. connect through Blu-Tooth or USB and then be controlled through voice alone.

Like many other integration systems it will automatically transfer all media, contacts etc. straight onto the cars hard drive.

So if you want to make a call there is no fiddling around with buttons, all you have to do is ask the car nicely.

It will even read your text out if your phone is compatible which is something very few systems can match.

The party piece of the Ford SYNC system is the award winning Emergency Assistance. 

It helps you get in touch with the emergency services should you happen to find yourself in any sort of trouble making the B-Max one of the best cars to crash in (not that we would recommend it).

There is not yet word on when this system may be available on other models or if it will me made available as an aftermarket option.

But hopefully that won’t take too long to make it’s way on to the rest of the Ford range.  



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