Fiesta Alloy wheels potentially faulty

Thursday 16 August 2012

Ford Owners Club member brings a Fiesta wheel fault to public knowledge.

One member, antman99, of the Ford Owners club has been featured in Auto Express magazine after concerns were raised over buckling Alloy wheels on his new Ford Fiesta.

The wheels on his Titanium spec Fiesta buckled after just 10 months of ownership yet Ford did not want to do anything about it, claiming it was down to his driving style.

This problem was picked up on our Forums with numerous other members complaining of similar problems.

Ford commented on the matter to Auto Express, saying “complaints relating to alloy wheel damage are not unusual in the UK.

“There have been some cases where Ford has contributed to repair costs as a gesture of goodwill.”

The issue is on going and if you have had any problems then check out the posts coming out on the Forums here.  



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