Focus ST hits the big screen

Ford Owners Club
Monday 3 September 2012

The new Ford Focus ST has it’s big screen debut tonight (3/9/12) in the Sweeney.

The newest hot hatch to the Ford family has a starring role in the remake of the classic British crime series which premieres in London on Monday.

The car goes toe to toe with a Jaguar XFR in the main car chase in the film.

It is something which has been promoted very heavily with the Focus ST and the XFR recreating the duel at most of the major motor shows this summer, including Goodwood Festival of speed, CarFest and will appear again at CarFest North this weekend.

The film reignites the relationship between Ford and The Sweeney with the original series using a variety of Cortinas, Granadas and Consuls.

The Sweeney director, Nick Love said: “It was important for me to collaborate with Ford on The Sweeney as their legacy with the original TV show is so strong – they’re the perfect partner. I like the Ford Focus ST so much, I want one!”

You can see The Sweeney when it hits the screen on 12th September.

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