Get a Grip in the Snow with Autosocks

Ford Owners Club
Friday 30 November 2012

Let’s face it – snow chains are never going to catch on here in the UK. They are a tad extreme for a country where snow is seldom seen. But when the snow hits, it can leave you stranded, and that’s where the ingenious ‘Autosock’ comes in.

These snow socks are cost-effective tyre covers that really do the job of getting you out of a slippery situation in snowy and icy conditions.

Priced from just £46.99, Autosock snow socks can be used on all makes and models of car, simply by slipping them over the driving wheels of your vehicle. They work by creating friction with the road surface – and, of course, they’re re-useable. When not in use, they fold up (to about the size of a shirt, we’re told) and are easily stored in your car.

What better, simpler way is there to keep moving on ice and snow… on those few days a year when the winter weather really hits!

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