Ford Atlas Concept – An idea about the new Ford F150

Ford Owners Club
Friday 5 April 2013

Ford F-150 is not just the best-selling American truck; for years it was simply the best-selling model in the United States, regardless of what we are talking about: trucks, SUVs or cars. The Atlas Concept shows us the next generation design inspired by the top models F-250 and F-350. As if it wasn’t massive enough, just appropriate to frighten any crash test dummy in pedestrian impact tests, Ford Atlas has also been provided with a fairly aggressive look. The front looks robotic, as if the manufacturer had collaborated with the Transformers design team. The double roof has also a quite “high-tech” look, as well as the rear light clusters. The Atlas’ specific design seems primarily intended to highlight the driver’s vanity.

The interior has the pretty nice shape of a series car, but designers have also used unusual materials and elements, as well as unnecessarily many “lights”. The steering wheel is beveled on the top side, it is a different approach to the so-called “sport style”. Atlas is meant to be very versatile, having all sorts of clever storage spaces, both in the interior and hidden in the baggage compartment. Engineers have equipped it with a camera system that can provide 360-degree visibility, and all sorts of other modern and fashionable gadgets.

Regarding the engine: there is an “EcoBoost” new generation gasoline engine with direct injection and turbo, plus a start/stop system, resulting in a 20% less fuel consumption. We don’t have other information regarding performance results (engine capacity, configuration, consumption), so we will have to rely on the manufacturer descriptions. Special attention should be paid to the wheels that have a variable geometry! Ford has applied the concept to the design of the rims that allow air to cool down the discs, on a cornering track for example, in the mountains, or can take a more aerodynamic shape on a highway.

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