Focus 1.0 litre sets speed records

Wednesday 29 August 2012

The new EcoBoost Focus continues to impress as it set 16 FIA records for cars with less than 1.0 litre capacity.

A completely standard Focus, complete with it’s 125bhp, set speed records over distances varying from half a mile to more than 2000 miles.

It did so at a test track in France in the hands of the very capable team from Ford, which included World Rally Championship star, Jari-Matti Latvala.

It clocked average speeds of 103mph over 1000miles and 118 over 100 miles.

Although the actual top speed of the car is 120mph, this is pretty good going given that these average speeds include the innevitable fuel stops which come with such long running.

Not to mention that when running at top speed the economy figure would be way below the 56mpg the car is capable of meaning the stops would be all the more frequent, probably stopping at least three times every 100 miles.

The award winning Ford engine develops more power than the old naturally aspirated 1.6 from the old Focus and delivers good economy.

For us all this makes it the best economy hatch-back on the market.




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