Forum Hot Topic: Engine swap problems

Ford Owners Club
Monday 22 October 2012

A hot topic in the forum this week is on a few problems a member is having after swapping engines.

He swapped the 1.25-litre engine from a W reg Fiesta for the 1.4-litre unit from an X reg model.

Since doing the swap he has been experiencing a few problems with the car: the temperature gauge doesn’t work, the radiator fan is constantly on, acceleration is quite jittery and the engine is misfiring.

The first response to the problems was that the ECU would need reprogramming but our member had forgotten to mention that the ECU had been changed to one which is compatible with the new 1.4 engine.

Another option mentioned was to replace the fuel pump.

So that is what our member has gone to change now and should be posting soon with the results.

If you have any suggestions to offer on how to fix these problems visit the post here:

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