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  2. I use the steering wheel controls to navigate up, down, forward and back through the USB stick without issue.
  3. Had a look at the bcm and one of the plugs seemed loose so I clicked it back into place. The car has been starting fine for a week now, so fingers crossed eh lol Thanks for the replies.
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  5. I was thinking about changing radios so I can have one with bluetooth built in, is this possible? Possibly find one off another car either same new but better model or newer and just replacing them?
  6. Hi, I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta Edge (I think) and currently it only has total miles of car and trip which I can reset with a toggle on the MPH Dash. However, I can see that the little screen has the LED options for MPG, Miles to empty and other stuff but can't flick through to them (as I assume the edge doesn't come with this option). Is there a way of making these work??
  7. I thought all I needed to do was remove the maf sensor, hose pipe and the cold air feed and I'd be able to pull the airbox out. However there seems to be some cabling down to the bottom left of the airbox keeping it in and I'm not sure what it is or what to do with it. Cant find any videos or anything with it involved. Any help's appreciated
  8. Thank you for the replies. Yes, it is a petrol... never thought about that detail being important.🤦‍♀️ I don't know quite how to measure the revs. Are there 1000 revs between each number on the dial?? If so, it can sometimes go up about 500 revs - it looks odd and never used to do this. No air con in use at the time - I've always been able to feel the strain that puts on the car (along with heated window).
  9. Yes it’s fine to go up a speed rating but not down.
  10. g1zm0

    Sync 3 swap

    I think you can buy a aftermarket bracket for the focus one . Or could the one from sync 2 be modified
  11. Keeping the aircon running means the seals don't dry out and leak. I had a Mondeo for 10 years from nearly-new and left the a/c on full-time. It never needed any attention, was never re-gassed, and was blowing ice-cold on the day I sold it. As others have said, it not only cools the air but dries it, which keeps the cabin pleasant in any weather and keeps the windows mist-free. I did switch it off occasionally to see if there was any effect on fuel consumption. If there was, it wasn't enough for the onboard mpg readout to notice. I thought it was significant that Ford gave you a button marked 'AC Off', which sort of implies that AC On is the default condition.
  12. Botus


    mk2.5 both turn themselves off on my one... in fact its a zetec climate, they both turn themselves on if its cold and the red frost things lit up page 134 of the manual.... on both the front and rear heated screens, it separately states "the heating system switches off automatically after a short period of time"
  13. Hi!, I have recently added an ST diffuser/apron to my 2016 TDCI Fiesta. I am now trying to address the exhaust end. The standard exhaust back box has to outlet bent over to point down and to the side. I cant fit a decorative end to this! I want to change the backbox only (not the Cat) could I use a standard petrol backbox on a diesel engine? If I can there are loads of types I could fit, may or may not require an adapter/taper coupling, but that's ok. I'm struggling to find a backbox only that has a straight outlet for the exhaust tip. Maybe if a petrol backbox is fine- I could just use a standard petrol ST one?? If anyone can advise me to the the likely affect of putting a petrol ST back box on a diesel car- please help!!
  14. Thanks pal. I have no idea where that is as I’m sure I looked when I first came to do the retro fit. But that doesn’t look like what I could see haha.
  15. Is that a new 95ps Ecoboost? According to the price list even the basic headlights are now LED dipped beam, is there any noticeable difference?
  16. Dad bought some autobeam performance bulbs for his volvo. Performance brake lights and indicators. Tested the brake lights out and they are really really bright 🙈. Looks brighter than the performance ones I have in my fiesta. He's one is 382 whilst mine is 380 which works as both sidelight and brake lights (fitment might be wrong way round). Dad's a bit nervous as he thinks he might get pulled over but I think he just has to get used to it. @Zico if you haven't already get the performance brake lights 🤯
  17. Will there be an official sync 3.4 downloadable update offered anytime soon for the Mk4 focus ? I have just been around to my mate who has just purchased a brand new Focus Active X and that has sync 3.4 with F8 maps. So why have Mk 4 Focus owners not been offered the sync 3.4 update ? Are there any hardware differences that prevent the Mk 4 Focus from being updated to 3.4 ?
  18. I thought all I needed to do was remove the maf sensor, hose pipe and the cold air feed and I'd be able to pull the airbox out. However there seems to be some cabling down to the bottom left of the airbox keeping it in and I'm not sure what it is or what to do with it. Cant find any videos or anything with it involved. Any helps appreciated
  19. Thanks, won’t be getting that car I looked at then, good spec but ideally I’m after CarPlay
  20. Right somebody’s got to tell me if the latest build of sync 3.4 you can skip through all the preset banks instead of having to swipe the screen!! It’s driving me nuts.
  21. Hi all ive just got in my ford focus 2019 model and all my dash lights have disappeared, this car only has 4000 miles whats going on, please help
  22. If you’ve got an elm cable and forscan. It will tell you the problem.
  23. Done all that deffo running 70psi and I always turn ignition on and leave it 10-30s before starting
  24. Hi Bannko, Can I please ask for your great assistance in activation of the nav system on 2016 Focus with Sync 2 which only displays 'information'in the top right corner of the screen. Many thanks
  25. Also if you have an elm cable and forscan you n try resetting the GPS module.
  26. I have a 2009 fiesta tdi titanium an it's just blowing cold air ..I went and got a reister pack and it wasnt the same as I had taken out. The one I took out had a bout 12 round tube like heater prongs or have I taken some thing else out and not the resister
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