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  2. Alexa ignores me sometimes and doesn't like my wife's Belfast accent much either. [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. @nard , seeing as the guy you've accused of being a troll has been an active member for 6 years and you've been here 8 months but mostly inactive i'd be inclined towards the inverse point of view. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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  5. Hi folks I have a 2005 mk2 Ford Focus 5 door on a 54 plate and am considering doing an ST conversion and wondering does the suspension components from the mk2.5 ST fit a standard chassis. The car I’m planning on doing this work to is a 2 ltr 145bhp
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  7. Did you have to do a master reset before reattempting with the fat32 formatted flash drive?
  8. I'd take Scotty Kilmers videos with a pinch of salt. Notice how most of them are just over 10 minutes long? That's so he can run mid roll adverts and get more money. YouTubers that do that generally create clicky-bait videos for more views too.
  9. Airtec are my go to people now. Their own branded stuff is well made and customer service has been spot on in replacing items when I've noticed defects in third party stuff. Worth noting there's quite a difference in the 2 you mentioned though. I'm sure the quality will probably be the same, but the ITG is a cold air intake system whilst the Airtec is just a regular induction kit. A CAIS is better for making more power and better engine operation, but won't have the same whooshing sound an open back pod filter has. Obviously with those you get a little heat soak which hinders performance so depends what you're after.
  10. Yes it's possible. You need the projector headlights, ballasts, xenon lamps, headlight washers, and the self levelling system. You can't just put xenon lamps into halogen reflector headlights. You'll blind everyone on the road. A better option may be LED. You can now get LED's that are designed to be fitted in reflector unit to save you messing about. You won't quite get the bright light of a xenon in a projector, but it'll be a dam sight better than the halogens you have now.
  11. Thanks Trevor, the mileage is 150000 and I don’t have any service history on the gearbox so don’t even know if the oil have ever been changed mines the mk4 facelift 1st 2nd jerky gear change 4, 5 and 6 alotsmoother
  12. My local garage charged me £40 each side when I replaced my front wheel bearings earlier this year, I always get my parts myself and get him to fit them, that way I can take my time finding decent quality parts, not the cheapest no name one's they source from their suppliers, that they normally add a bit on to.
  13. Ok, them complete wiring diagrams linked to in the thread link below are absolutely class, fair play to the lads posting them up. As far as I can make out, for a 4dr mk2 the rear lamp wires are: Pass Side Parking = Orange / White Brake = Black / Green Indicator = Blue Drivers Side Parking = Orange Indicator = Blue / Red Can anyone tell me if I require the canbus bypass relay? Also, can anyone tell me if the brake and tail lights share the bulb like with VW's where if the brake bulb goes the tail compensates for it, therefore you only need either the tail or the brake wire into the relay. Is the Focus the same or do they not have this bulb/wire sharing feature?
  14. Got tired of waiting so I’ve just installed the updated F9 maps using cyanlabs links to the files and creating my own autoinstall.lst Install completed successfully and took about two hours.
  15. Here's a link but there are others, just search on ebay or elsewhere, I was just intending to show that you haven't missed out, there's better deals than that £17.99 anyway
  16. Thanks for your reply. The vibration was there before the tyres and balance. The tracking was also corrected when new tyres fitted. I will call back to National tyres and get it all checked..
  17. I've managed to snap the metal fixing ring that clips into the headlining on my 2016 Focus, which the interior light clips into. I can't seem to find another on Ebay, just the actual light. Could anyone point me in the right direction to find one? Thanks.
  18. Common issue on 'hatchback' but I don't think it's the same solution for an estate...
  19. Keep your finger on the fob for longer. There is a longer delay on opening than there is for closing. Failing that you can re set it from the handbook but do check the box is ticked in the sub menu on the dash. If theres not enough power in reserve on the battery perhaps its too low to operate the windows all at once ?
  20. Hi guys.. so I currently have a stage 2 1.0 ecoboost running 170bhp. I have all the modifications required to go pumaspeed stage 3R apart from the hybrid turbo. I was wondering if anyone actually runs this Stage 3 map with the hybrid turbo from pumaspeed and what it’s like and if it’s worth the money. If not I will probably upgrade to an ST or do the ST conversion got quoted £3500 for all parts and labour thanks
  21. Yeah it sounds a bit like rubber rubbing together, I'll have a look.
  22. Welcome to ford community buddy
  23. Thanks but not sure it's something I should need? Anybody know if I've wired correctly?
  24. I genuinely do like receiving a blue belt lean six sigma certification from a world leading pharmaceutical company, I've saved them a minimum of 70k per annum by making a few changes to a procedure which achieves the same results in 17 hours less time. all started when my kids needed a computer for secondary school, then the opportunity came up in work to enroll for blue belt training, I enrolled for the course and completed my entire project at home using the computer which I bought for our eldest at the time, to show her the computer isn't a kids version of a real computer that it is a real asset that can be used in business, i hoped to make them proud and to see that learning computer skills such as typing and Microsoft word is still very useful as these days most things can be done on a mobile phone which was also my reason for not having a windows based device for the past eleven years, i worked off an android phone, i carried out the entire project in my own time off while working six days in the plant mon-sat, my intention was for the project to be an instant cost saving to the company from the beginning requiring zero investment or company time to create, which has really paid off in the end, I've received accreditation im one of three sucessful out of fourteen hopeful and shown my kids how the computer skills are a good assist to learn, im also teaching them everything know about it.
  25. Fuse 3 is the best one to use micro2 type. I've used this faultlessly for 18months as have many ithers
  26. You don't have to remove the headlining. I had the dreaded water leak from the shrinking silicone filler applied at he base of the rail grove. The standard roof rail plastic filler on mine is only held down by double sided sticky tape. Some of Mrs ScaniaPBman's heavy duty button thread was liberated and eased under the rail. You will probably have to prise up the end of the rail to get the thread in but watch you don't chip the paint. Something plastic to do the levering up should be OK. I used a big screwdriver with black duct tape wrapped around the blade. A sawing action with the thread will cut through or under the adhesive tape. After thoroughly cleaning the grove I liberally applied silicone sealer, pressed the rail back in and left it overnight with a heavy weight pressing it down in. Best of luck, ScaniaPBman.
  27. You HI, i bought a new wing mirror as my original got damaged. i removed the door panel and checked the wiring etc replaced wing mirror but then both inidcators stopped working. its showing 'left and right indicator malfunction
  28. I spent a little more for a 2017 Titanium auto and have never regretted it.
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