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  2. Thought the same thing. Would baffle me if it did fall off as that's ford's fault.
  3. Just screwed up whilst changeing my steering wheel. i dio not have the steering lock on when removing the steering wheel. So the steering column has moverd downthje tube. Can it be pulled back into place? Help appreciated.
  4. Ok, I little bit tough to explain - when I steering to the left, at some point ( about 1/8 of steer) it feels loose and not steer the wheels (loose zone) checked at parking of course. few people said that its the steering rack and eventually I will need to replace it. What do you think ? Also, from you experience, which sensors / relays / electric stuff tend to die soon ? my car is S max 2010 automatic 6 speed aisin 2.3 duratec
  5. Hi @Bannko I am in the process of buying a Kuga and have come across this page to get access to the SatNav. Could you send me you guide so I can see what it takes. Thanks
  6. There are some very clever bods on here mate, just hope one of them reads your post and offers you some good advice, personally i'd try to get in touch with some sort of ombudsman, there has to be a higher authority than just a main dealer. Good luck anyway.
  7. As above really! The Haynes manual says to refill till it flows out of the hole and then remove just over half a litre? Is this right? It sounds a bit odd to me.
  8. Is the switch on the bonnet lid? (See two wires leading to the bonnet) or, is the metal plunger on the slam panel the switch?
  9. Am not good when it comes to computers can you please point me in the right direction where to download it from and can this be done with a usb you think this will work so that my new dab radio will work many thanks for your reply meens a lot again thanks the person I bought it from on eBay says plug and play
  10. Hi I have a 2004 1.9tdi, during the winter months the car has been fine until now. I've always had a problem when it get up to 90° it cuts out with no signs. It would do it slowing down to junctions. Never on motorways. If I drive around with the heaters blasting warm air it will keep temp down but once it creeps up that's when the problem starts. If I leave it a while to cool down it starts 1st turn of the key. Once driving it's fine again just as long as I'm constant driving to keep it cool. No management lights on and no codes. When the car dies sometimes the battery light flashes or oil light flashes. I'm baffled on what it could be. Please can you help.....
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  12. OMG I swear this is me writing this as I have the exact same thing with my 15reg 1.0 ltr ecoboost!!! I’ve had the car a year and right from the start it would come up check tyre pressure every two weeks or so it drives me absolutely insane!!! I’ve had the garage check it and one tyre had a leaky valve or something which was replaced but wasn’t the cause of it and here I am a year on still pumping tyres up every two weeks
  13. I get about 43-44mpg out of mine, when I first got it a year ago it was really low I’m guessing the owner before me had been doing short journeys but she’s racked up 48,000 miles in 3 years lol I’ve done 8,000 miles in the last year. Mine is a 15reg 1.0 ecoboost. I really regret getting an ecoboost given all their problems and check the coolant regularly and have had to have a new seal on the tank at £75 as it was missing meaning I was losing coolant
  14. I guess it looks quite cool in the dark but I agree - I always forget it was even part of the style pack!
  15. I'm such a wimp now, I couldn't drive a car without working A/C. It's amazing how many used cars have broken A/C. I bought a used Merc last year without it, under the assumption I could get it fixed. Took me forever, more money than I thought, and was a real hassle, in addition to failing again after a year. I simply wouldmn't buy a used car now without it working, as not only do I 'need' it, but it gives me an insight into the ownership of the car in whether they could be bothered maintaining it. If it didn't work, what else would they have neglected...
  16. There is no ESP that I know off on my car but thanks for mentioning it WWW. I followed your advice, Tom. They clearly don't want to make fiddling with the ABS fuses easy, I found them hidden behind a second cover. Removing the small 10A dagger fuse did the job, just as well since I am convinced the bigger box shaped fuses are welded in. It didn't take long to pin the vibration down to the near side wheel, as you said you can get a speed discrepancy side to side. With the right hand side wheel stopped it was clearly the left one causing the car to shake. Next stop is to have the wheel balance checked, it's only recently had a new tyre fitted there. No sign of any impact to cause buckling etc. By the way I feel quite safe with the setup as described, I have spent a fair amount of time working beside cars on rolling roads with engines powered up, not just fast idling as I was doing. You are correct, if you haven't the experience or the confidence don't do it. ScaniaPBman.
  17. They were thick white ones - this is the actual listing posted just so others can avoid!! Do NOT buy this sticky fixer for number plates!
  18. I've given both front seats the full Autoglym Leather Balm and Gtechniq L1 treatment this evening. I'll do another treatment with L1 on the contact surfaces tomorrow evening too. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  19. Yeah or do it with forscan...... What we calling a mk8? Mines a 13 plate facelift and gets called a mk8 by Ford....
  20. No there's no difference.
  21. Sorted for you [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  22. DavesEdge


    Hi All I have completed the chart I was compiling, comparing my car to 4 other models as built config data (details taken from Forscan website) The 4 models I compared against were the 2015 - 2019 F150s, the 2011 - 2015 Explorer, the 2014 Onwards Fusion, and the 2017 Super Duty F150s All of these spreadsheets are available from Forscan on their website As going by what Forscan was telling me, these were all fairly similar to the Edge (I could not locate a Mondeo as built spreadsheet, so settled for the American Mondeo being the Fusion spreadsheet) I have uploaded my comparison chart, which is (or should be) available to view by following the below link (not including the quotation marks) "" If you copy the link (without the quote marks) and paste into search bar it should give you my chart I compiled my chart in excel but this forum would not let me attach an excel file As I said earlier (in another post) the nearest as built config I found was that of the 2015 - 2019 F150s, as this had the most module matches to my Edge Though also my Edge has some modules that I copied from my car that do not appear on any of the spreadsheets that I compared against The next step will be for me to make my changes/modifications, but as I have already said, I will be doing this once my warranty has expired (sometime this August) So will post further details after this time Happy motoring Dave
  23. may be the rain around the spark plugs drained out whilst on a jack?
  24. not all have rear speakers, (I think) its std on the zetec and above, missing in the LX then the next point is they die in the back all too often... and the pop rivets holding them in are right bu**ers to get out
  25. You probably already have the replacement pipe on the car. If you put a picture up of the whole pipe (between turbo and coolant tank) I'll tell you if it's the new one. Sadly the new type still breaks, just on a different place, and Ford won't replace that one for free.
  26. Had an issue crop up today on my 2015 Focus, the central locking AND electric window have all failed on the nearside rear passenger door. The door seems electrically dead. All other doors and body systems appear unaffected. Car is under warranty but was wondering if anyone has encountered a multi electrical failure isolated to only one door before? I'm guessing it's either a connector loose or a wiring loom fault. Car has only done 5k miles
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