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  2. Just seen a focus Titanium like mine but all trim and alloys were black. Think it looks much better than standard chrome trim Is this a costly process for a decent body shop to change the trim and alloys colour?
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  4. steved99 , your mpg proofs again automatics can't be economical. I have Vignale 1.5 manual 182 ps, never been in Eco mode, not even for curiosity, normal or sport. I'm always driving in a sport manner because I love it and suits the car. My current mpg is 37.2 without doing any effort to save fuel. Just to see what can be achieved I tried for two days to take it easy with acceleration but without using Eco mode, it was in normal. The mpg went up to 39.8 the maximum, don't know if it could go any higher because I got bored and started to push it again. No motorway driving, town in my free time and A/B roads on my commute to work. Maybe motorway driving could result in even better mpg.
  5. Hello, I have recently purchased a 2009 Ford Focus CC3 (petrol) & I would like to install the oil & boost gauges found on the focus ST/RS (2009) If I was to purchase a dashboard from the ST/RS, the oil & boost gauges would I need to buy anything else? Would it work? Is the dashboard from the focus CC3 the same measurements as the ST/RS? How long do you think it would take to install by a qualified mechanic? Who would you guys recommend for installation? Am I right in assuming the boost gauge wouldn’t work in the petrol CC3 (as far as I know it doesn’t have turbo) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  6. I'm picking up a focus st3 2018 mk3.5 on Tuesday that is the auto model. Etis says its powershift is there a way to tell if it's going to need this maintenance every 35k or 3years? The posts above say they started using normal auto gear boxes?
  7. Do you mean by if it's in drive mode taking it out and putting it into park or neutral? When would a long time be? The whole idea of me getting an auto is for city traffic. My first auto focus st3 2018 model I'm picking up Tuesday has 15k on the clock.
  8. I don't like that I've not managed to see this comet yet (Neowise) despite the clear weather. I must be facing the wrong way so might have to venture outside before dawn to try and see it.
  9. Thanks for the useful info, what will my March 2018 Focus 3.5 ST3 auto have fitted? It's diesel and ford etis says it's the powershift one? Do I have to do this ridiculous service every 35k or 3 years? Just bought this car and pick up Tuesday from Ford it's got 15k on the clock.
  10. I do like that the sky is clear tonight so I can see the stars. I also like that it's clear enough to see the space station pass over (which it just did) so I can try and get a few pics of it flying over later this morning (in about 1h 30m).
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  12. Thanks both for your replies - really helpful. I'm pretty sure you're right about this. I was initially looking at Fiestas in the 3k range to replace my 2010 Edge (RIP), thinking I'd get another 10 year old model for 3k like I did a few years ago. Not the case unfortunately - there's either been zero depreciation on Fiestas in the past 3 years, or prices have gone up considerably since March. So I'm thinking there's not much point in paying over the odds for something that could only last 3/4 years and will probably need the cambelt etc. doing. - might be better off going for a high deposit finance option and getting a newer car (hoping for lower repair costs). I'd not thought of that actually. I'd be sharing the car with my wife - we're both in our 30s but the car was written off in an accident that was our fault, so definitely something to consider as our premiums are likely to increase on renewal. Just checked insurance groups: Zetec is in 7 and Ecoboost is in 11. i've found another Zetec that would mean taking on less finance:
  13. Snow foam, various interior cleaners, loads of diff stuff and a a snow foam lance.
  14. I spent yesterday evening touching up the stone chips and scratches on the paintwork with a frozen white touch up pen. They're not perfect, but they're a lot better and aren't noticeable anymore. This was the worst But this is the best I could do White paint is so forgiving. I gave the car a thorough clean, more on the side of a partial detail, using detail brushes for all the tiny areas inside and outside of the body work. It's looking fantastic now: I've just come back from driving to West Wales and back, so over two hours each way. It performed lovely, with the adaptive cruise control being outstanding. Just waiting for Monday when I can install the RimBlades on the wheels, and then paint the brakes silver (fronts) and black (rears), then cosmetically it's finished.
  15. you're only really interested in the figures with everything switched off and the doors shut. You started your car with the meter connected to the battery? Surely not it would've melted! It would've pulled over 200amps when turning the engine over (I think that's right 🥴)
  16. Hi Matt, If you are still following this forum, I would be interested on how reliable you found the powershift auto, as it seems to have had a poor press for reliability? Cheers
  17. Great, well I will download the software in advance and then I can get it ready. Is the Cyanlabs update you’ve talked about in other posts worth doing? Does it give additional features/benefits?
  18. Hi, So is the Cyanlabs all in one tool the easiest and safest method now? I originally swapped out my old Sync 2 Touch for Sync 3 and had to reprogramme my APIM to allow Park Assist to work again so would I have to do that again??
  19. how does the manual car stop start at juntions do you hold down clutch and brake at same for it to work or what on autos its the brake and accelerator as you press accelerator it starts back up
  20. I dit it but nothing happend. Only the Musik is getting quieter, thats all. I drive over 100 or 120 kmh, the Radio is getting louder and put in more Bass ect.
  21. Did you manage to update i’ve got exactly the same version and pick up my new car from Ford on Tuesday.
  22. Do like the look of the digital dash cluster in the new MY focus - I wonder (assuming it’s the same size as the existing cluster) if it will be a possible mod for the MY2020.25 later on when they start to become available!
  23. The dc/dc convertor low is something that might not be linked to the starting problem. It just might be the nee fuel filter is bad and restricting the flow, or there might be some air stuck in the line. Can you put the old filter back on to test it?
  24. Regarding the driving in England, I have noticed since lockdown was eased that a lot of people seem to have forgotten how to drive safely and be courteous. I like to drive a bit fast myself but some drivers just don't seem to be paying attention to the other drivers on the road.
  25. I follow an American based Ford Edge Facebook group. Several of their members have had issues with their roof like yours. They are a friendly bunch and love to help. Link below. I don’t have the panoramic roof so can’t help I’m afraid.
  26. Kevin#95


    The sensors pickup signals as the magnetic ring on the rear hub spins around. It might be water getting into the connectors that's causing the problem. Unplug the connectors and spray wd40 on them. That should push the water out. Or, like John says you can use forscan to read the signals on each wheel. You can show 4 graphs for the speed of each wheel as you drive. The graphs should all look the same.
  27. Happiness Happening is a fantastic track. It's one of my favourites from the late 90's and my mid teens.
  28. Just catching up on all the threads I’ve not read since March ! I can’t remember the solution to this issue, but it has certainly cropped up here before. Possibly as long as two years ago though. Can’t even think how to find the relevant thread. Sorry.
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