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  2. the bluetooth module has a battery to preserve settings. if that battery has gone flat that sounds like either a fuse as said above or a loose connection. as far as i know the battery should charge whenever the vehicle is running and last for many weeks between charge check all the cables to the bluetooth module located in the passenger footwell roof and all the connections to the radio.
  3. I had a similar problem, took a long time for it to register on the website did go thought eventally, but don't worry as there are no map updates available yet.
  4. You shldnt really need a new tensioner unless yours is bad, and if you've a Ford one, it'll be good for ages yet. If you spin the pulley, is it noisy? then if yes, consider changing it or if the tensioner has a lot of movement in it when engine is running then change it, but Ford parts are far superior than pattern parts! My '02 Mondeo is still running on its original tensioner and it's done 311000 miles. I'd be surprised if your battery is bad, so why not give it a really good charge while you're tinkering with the oily bits,.... those voltage readings do sound like it needs it.
  5. Hi again everyone 🙂 Had my MK6 fiesta for a couple of weeks now, and i am still finding it very unusual 😞 I could not believe for instance, that it does not have a TRIP COMPUTER. After a little research, iv'e noticed a couple of different options. Some have the TRIP button on the end of the indicator stalk, but some have it on the end of the wiper stalk. Considering my car is a GHIA I thought it would have this function, but for some reason it hasn't 😞 I also thought it would have 'heated seat's (leather seats are in it ) but none of these are fitted. Just to classify, It's a MK6 1.4 GHIA 55 plate. Would like info from someone regarding what this car should,or should not have fitted as there are so many different layouts for this car ??? Thank's, John
  6. Yes, it's 10K service interval, but according to the Engine Oil change warning it should have been changed 3 times by now, it's got 8K on the clock 😄
  7. It is pretty normal on the move tbh, seems especially bad on Ford gearboxes too chance of getting 1st in my old Mk3 Focus while rolling...I just learnt to hold 2nd as long as possible instead. The alternative was ramming it in into 1st with a horrible notchy feeling and the occasional crunch so I tried to avoid that as much as possible! However you shouldn't need to double declutch when stationary I agree. Probably easiest to just ask a garage to try bleeding the fluid for you, they have vacuum bleeders that just sucks the fluid through nowadays. Only takes a few seconds to do, but they may need to remove something for access on the Fiesta (airbox for example). Shouldn't cost much anyway!
  8. I have updated my Sync 3 via the usb and entered the log key on the Ford website. The website says update complete and it may take a few minutes to appear, however after many days when I go back to get the map updates it says I need to update sync 3. I have tried numerous times but it doesn’t seem to link the log key to my vin number. Can. Anyone help and tell me how I can get the maps please.
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  10. Here ,,Read further down for rh drive models.
  11. Turn wi-fi off on your sync system, the rest is all warranty work
  12. Good question ive noticed my Sports Van doesn't have any ,will investigate today.
  13. Okay get the bright green stuff if your going to use that ...
  14. This is a well known problem. The instrument cluster display is controlled by CANbus activity. The display is ON when the CANbus network is active. The display is OFF when the CANbus network is inactive (approximately 20 to 30 minutes after the car has been locked) and all CANbus modules go into sleep mode. The display not switching OFF indicates that there is a problem that causes the CANbus network to remain active and preventing the CANbus modules from entering sleep mode. In this case every single CANbus module that is installed in the car will remain constantly powered (during operation the modules draw approximately 95% more current than in sleep mode) which causes the battery to drain pretty fast. Every single CANbus module that is installed into the car can basically develop a defect or software fault and cause the CANbus network to remain active and prevent the CANbus modules from entering sleep mode. The radio (especially the Travelpilot FX satnav system) and the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module however are infamous for causing these issues and will be the biggest suspect. In about 90% of all cases disconnecting the radio and/or Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module solves the problem immediately.
  15. sounds like the return spring has broken🙁 my sons has gone but that's on a old 03 focus
  16. Has anyone replaced their oil pump? If so what did you fit?
  17. Hi, just recently got a 13 plate focus. The sync app says I have no apps installed. I know Waze is one, plus when I connect using usb,it doesn’t seem to work when trying to ring out etc. Maybe I need to use a original apple cable? If I do I’ll just use a usb stick for the music and Bluetooth for the phone also, how much is it for cruise control to be fitted? And where would supply and fit? thank you
  18. Hello everyone, can anybody help with the central locking drama that the Ford's suffer from. 57 plate Smax and the rear doors do not unlock from the fob only from inside. Please help it's doing my nut in as I have tried the program thing from the steering wheel and still nowt.
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  20. Friedlos

    ECO mode

    Hi, I have a brand new fiesta active 125 with the 3 buttons ,Eco normal and slippery mode. Being a 3cylinder engine I find the eco mode feels and sounds like the mark 7 fiesta saloon which I had? i don't notice any fall off in full power when and if I need it. i don't bother about fuel economy ,it just nice and smoother to drive.. l had a 3 cylinder Car 4 or so years ago and whilst the viIbration in the active is at lot less ,it's almost gone in Eco mode.u I wish I could set it to Eco as default at startup
  21. Yeah, well done on the cruise control. Practically anything can be retrofitted in these cars as they are modular. You just need the parts, wiring (if not present) and reprogram it via the OBD2 interface.
  22. Alex.S


    I don’t mind if the battery needs replaced in 3 years, I’ve got 2 years 9 months of lease left. It’s sitting in heavy traffic with engine running the whole time I don’t like.
  23. Thanks for your reply, willing to try anything at the moment. Will let you know.
  24. I've had the same problem downloading the files on a MAC but I realized that Safari was automatically unzipping some files. If you go to Safari's preferences window, make sure to deselect the last option at the bottom of the window. This way the file is downloaded as a zip folder, not partially unzipped. Meanwhile, I've managed to get my vehicle to recognize the USB drive and begin the Update but after one hour it's still displaying the Updating message. Is it really supposed to take this long?
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