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  2. Rich A

    Heated front Screen

    Also is there another fuse box smaller in the engine bay? see : Engine Bay fuses?
  3. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus 1.8tdi 2008 Poor starting cold or hot

    +1 for @Tdci-Peter post above. It is very easy to not seat the rubber o-ring correctly when refitting the fuel filter housing "lid" after replacing the filter and I know 2st hand that not ***** the locking collar back on quite tight enough can let just enough air in to cause problems (but the car can still be driven). I'd start off with the cheap things like checking the fuel filter is "fresh/new" and that the sealing o-ring isn't scrunched up.
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  5. Hi to everyone in the group. I wonder if somebody could help me please. I have a problem with my 2006 Mondeo 2.2tdci. it started off when could it would idle rough for a few minutes until warm them would run fine while it was running rough there was no smoke and even under hard acceleration there's no smoke it pulls well in all gears. After switching off and leaving for a short while with the engine warm it will start but run at low idle (500-600 rpm) the battery light and engine light would come on and there's no throttle response after 30 sec or so the revs would pick up and it would run fine I have found out that with the ignition on the bolts would drop to 11.8 and when the lights go out and throttle response comes back its charging at 14.6 so I checked all the wiring on the smart charge system and cleaned all earth's but still didn't make any difference. I then went onto putting a code reader in but no codes are stored I have also changed the battery for a calcium one again made no difference. I found out after reading online the injectors could need recoding which I done this sorted out the misfire/hunting from cold but is still the same when engine is warm. I have now done a leak off test with the 5 min test. The results look to me as they are over leaking but all very evenly cylinder 1 was 70ml cylinder 2 was 60 cylinder 3 was 60 and cylinder 4 was 70. Has anybody else had this sort of problem and willing to share your wisdom. Many thanks for your time
  6. iantt

    Ford Fiesta ST keyfob/battery issues

    You got the batteries the right way round? The position of remote when you have flat batteries is in the vicinity of where a conventional key would be inserted into steering lock on column.
  7. Laurac

    Help malfunction!!!!!

    It stayed on but has now gone off but my steering doesn’t feel right
  8. probably two thirds of my mileage is constant 70ish mph without needing to touch brakes. on my previous fiesta they lasted 77k, when I bought that car it only had 1,600 miles on it so I know 77k was first replacement. second set lastest 69k.
  9. F0CUE

    Focus Mk2.5 ignition key problem

    Have you tried jiggling the steering wheel at the point it get stuck to see if it moves?
  10. I replaced engine of mondeo mk4 1.6 petrol with engine from focus mk2 with kode HXDA and after 11.000 km all work good, maybe on 5th gear it is little bit slower but not so big think.
  11. F0CUE

    mk2.5 electric power loss

    Yep or earth's but sound like battery cos of radio reset most likely the negative.
  12. DJF10

    Mk7 Fogs/DRL on a Style trim?

    The only MK7 to come with DRL as standard was the late model special edition Centura, mounted below the headlights along the visible 'crease' on the bumper. So I guess either make yourself something similar to that or get a better bumper/model that has fogs as standard for halo ones instead.
  13. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    Just received my new licence... surprisingly quick despite the time of year!!
  14. Connall

    Black Edition Ecoboost

    Mud guards came today, will hopefully have them on over the weekend
  15. Zico

    Voice Activation

    Well I've tried using the WD-40 specialist contact cleaner and no luck. I'm pretty sure that there isn't anything beneath the switch as everything else is fine as I mention. As I pulled the Bluetooth fuse the other day (with no change), I also did a Sync Master reset just now (with no change). Either there is something else wrong OR I am missing something. Any other ideas would be appreciated. *Note* Bluetooth calling works fine as I took my work phone with me and called my personal phone, answered and ended the call using the steering wheel buttons.
  16. iantt

    How Many People Can You Fit In A Focus?

    I had a neighbour a few years ago who had some relations turn up in a people carrier ( old nissan ) I was watching through my living room window. Assuming it was capable of seating 8 Inc driver , that was what the max I was expecting to get out. Well it turned out I counted 19 Inc small children get out!! I couldn't believe it.
  17. Apologies if this has been covered already and this is in the wrong place:- perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. I have recently picked up a Ford Fiesta Edge 2010, but I cant get the bluetooth to visible show on my Iphone 7, I have turned my phone on and off and tried with the ignition on the car on and off. The Voice Recognition is working but shows no phones connected (Obviously). Its just frustrating and I want to try and fix it
  18. Metalzone

    Mk8 Forscan chat

    Hi @Smartd00d, No news about the Traffic sign recognition?
  19. Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    But you need to remember the old saying: Q: "How do you know a politician is lying?" A: " Their lips move" 😀
  20. Andy Cartwright

    Coolant Leaking In Spark Plug Hole

    Anybody have any advice for this? Thanks
  21. D13 HPD 95

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    Few more touches added 🙂 I’m now not sure where to run the M400R tune now I have most of Mountune products lol Mudflaps all done new valve caps new focus plates for door handles new car info plaques fitted also refitted factory sub to stop some rattling in the boot
  22. jbell

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    If they acknowledged that this isn't a customer problem (since the problem is they put rust prone pipes in front of the intercooler and stupidly relied on sacrificial rusting of the turbo body to prevent it) and were covering the cost of the fix I would have considered that a full solution to the problem. The reality is mgrcrc had no interest in either acknowledgement that this problem isn't the customers fault or contribution to the fix. I'd have accepted either or both, but since they're washing their hands of the whole thing my next car won't be a ford. The bizzare thing is the internal cost of the fix to ford will be like £15. To save £15 from the small number of customers that actually get in contact (or larger number if they issued a recall), they've essentially said "***** you all". Makes very little business sense to me. /rant
  23. No codes and the AC seems to engage / disengage when pushing the button My suspicion in damp has got in over the 2 weeks and affected the contacts. I'll take it all apart and test the circuits but if all else fails I'll book it in for a warranty job (Dec 2016)
  24. TomsFocus

    2.0 tdci strange cold start this morning

    It does say about this feature in the manual under 'starting'. You can either press the button without the clutch to heat the plugs first, or just keep the button held with the clutch in and it'll start as soon as the plug light goes out. It's another piece of mapping for emission reduction, although a common rail diesel would start without preheating even in cold temps, it causes far more emissions than just letting the plugs heat for a couple of seconds first. You'll find most E5 onwards diesels do the same thing. Even those with a keyed ignition which feels really odd when a physical key appears to not work lol.
  25. TomsFocus

    Ambient lighting mk3 focus

    Yep, that's correct. Colour changing is only standard on the Titanium X. Red only on the Titanium.
  26. Pepsi1

    Retrofit PTC Heater Mk3

    Hello everybody! I purchased the PTC, all the cables are OK. To install the ptc in position, what parts do i have to remove? Center console? Glovebox? The car is 2015 facelift. Thank you
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