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  2. Hello All, After a number of problems with our Edge, and complete main dealer indifference, I traded in our Edge for something else. I still miss what was a great design of car, let down by build quality, and our local dealer. However, I have a Ford Edge Dog Guard (2015 onwards) (part no.G1468) by Guardsman for sale, and was wondering where was best to advertise it, on this site or eBay, given the relative rarity of the cars. Opinions please!
  3. Went for the usual Forest walk today with the kids and now the dog, Bought this adjustable lead from Amazon which is fantastic, it has a series of rings meaning it can be shortened or extended depending on which ring you clip the end in to. Ment our five year old son could walk the dog by us putting the lead in the strap mode over the shoulder where there was no fear should our son let go of the lead; its still over his shoulder, The dog also has a non pull collar strap fitted from the same company, hasn't pulled once since fitted and it doesn't choke him neither it relaxes his front legs if he pulls making him naturally lose power Link to both items: Lead: Collar: They have since tried to pretend hes a cat he seems alright with the idea 🤷‍♂️
  4. What were u driving b4 the new focus? And how does it compare?
  5. So my "61plate Galaxy has very little reserve travel in the handle. Does anyone know if it can be adjusted and internally or if it's a crawl under the car job. The rear pads are wearing a little thin so that might also be a contributing factor?
  6. How long has it been doing it? Does it have sufficient water in it? Sorry for the daft questions but you may be surprised the amount that don't lol
  7. I really hate people like that. There's a website where you can post dangerous drivers to the police. I think the police are doing something about bad drivers. Money don't buy brains sadly.
  8. Had someone in a nice mk3 RS impatiently overtake just to get 3 cars in front. He did it safely as there was a right hand lane but it's pointless really. Some people don't deserve or can control the power below their right foot.
  9. There may be circuit differences inside. Higher spec boards may have more options that a base version doesn't. For a trouble free swap you'd need same spec as originally fitted or higher, the LX version is more basic. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  10. Hi all I'm busy redoing the head on my fiesta 1.6 tdci duratorq motor while I have it all striped down I have taken the cat out the down pipe and I was wondering what els I can do to get a bit better performance out of the car I have a mate who's got a T4 from a st will I be able to fit it on or would there be aLot more work involved..... Or is it possible to max the boost on the original turbo
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  12. Hi people I have an issue with my cruise control, when u press the switch to put it into standby it’s not always coming on. When it hasn’t worked, I’ve got under the steering wheel and when the clutch is pressed in pushed the button in on what I believe is the cruise cancel switch and then it’s worked. But it’s become more of an issue so I’ve taken the switch off to get numbers off of it, but with the switch off I tried the button and the cruise goes into standby and was working, cancelling correctly when the clutch was pressed so I’m a little confused as to what the switch actually does. I’ve found a replacement switch with the same part numbers and they call it a cruise switch. Hoping someone might help me out. Thanks in advance
  13. Looks alright to me 😊. Was there two shades of silver on the mondeo? If not probably like you said a polish might bring the colour back.
  14. Wow, was that damaged in post or did they actually think it was ok to send to you like that? I've found this place: which looks like they do what I'm after. It seems they also produce a certificate to present at an MOT and the price doesn't seem to bad either. From what I'm reading about this services is the DPF will need to be deleted from the ECU and then re-added / mapped. I'm guessing this is something that is beyond the limitations of FORScan? Cheers, Stophen.
  15. Well, with the latest update (Which I installed yesterday) seems that CarPlay now connects straight away, and there's no 5-10 minutes for it to ++
  16. That's ridiculous, but I'm not too surprised, my 2019 Titanium X got broken into and the glass company is having a hell of a job getting a new window from ford.
  17. Many thanks, Ian! Will go directly to a walk-in Ford dealer then, and post here on the results.
  18. @BannkoHi, many thanks for the really helpful and easy to follow upgrade to 3.10 - unfortunately, I appear to also have the issue of a white screen when unlocking the car! Is it possible to request the fix for this please?
  19. i had one of these systems for my vw's, makes it so much easier when you need part numbers, good find and thanks for the share 👍
  20. Hi Am looking to replace the head unit in a MK2 09 plate KA - have a Sony head unit - Halfords said we don’t need a iso harness for it - the cables which come with the new unit fit but no life on the head unit when turning on the ignition. Put the old one back in and it’s fine so the cabling etc is fine. Anyone any ideas what we are missing? Cheers Marc
  21. or keep the smell and blast your washer jets when you get a tailgater 😂
  22. is it that one highlighted in the photo ? if not then here is the full catalog for FORD vehicles :
  23. Has it been left for a while? Low battery is the first thing to check.
  24. The wasp was already enjoying my alcohol in glass, I didn't see it as was watching TV with no lights on. Had a sip and wasp went in mouth. Tongue still painfull this morning but nothing like last night.
  25. if its the black internals your after it would be cheaper to split the headlights and paint inside yourself, if its the projector unit your after then you could buy some projector units off ebay and retrofit them too, i don't know how to split the headlights in a focus but i'm sure there will be a guide somewhere, splitting most lights is easy but the internals differ hence why you might need the guide
  26. No, the Fiesta ones aren't the same as I said above lol. Broken seat tilt isn't actually an MOT fail...but a lot of testers don't understand the regulation on this and try to fail it anyway. If you just want to pass MOT without any hassle, just use cable ties or similar as Isetta suggested.
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