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  2. Re. Fusion CTS - yes I have now but is a different problem as mine works up to normal but just does never read high temp on the guage or switch the fans on
  3. Hello everybody! Yesterday I changed the front interior light, after the replacement none of the interior lights also the one in the trunk. I checked the interior fuse box but everything looks fine. What could be the problem? Thanks for the answers!!
  4. I also used to use MER (mainly on my bikes) with good results. Still using the remains of a large container from years ago, which I keep at our static caravan for when that needs a spruce up and to give the car the odd quick polish while I'm there. Also have had good results from Zymol wax, silly price (about £48 for a 225g jar now I think), but again I'm still using some from about 15 years ago - a little goes a long way. Other than those, I've used Meguiars and Autoglym with no complaints.
  5. So ever since I had my car serviced there is a high pitched squeak when I press on the clutch. I got my break discs done when the car was serviced to. Its intermittent so if doesn’t happen always, but it does when I’m shifting gear or reversing. If I take back to the garage he’s going to question why I didn’t bring it sooner. I thought it was maybe because the break fluid cap was missing but now it’s been replaced it’s definitely not that. im reading it might be my throw out bearing? But why would that have been touched if they just serviced the car?
  6. Hi again, We do find it better if we can speak to any prospective new policyholder. We also find that chatting to people and finding out their precise details does unlock more favourable premiums. If you could give us a call on the Freephone number found under our section of the website - may well be under 'Insurance.' Many thanks, Dan
  7. Personally, I think there is enough info in the Haynes manual, there are some photos to show where things are.
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  9. Got agree, when i picked up my car last year the person handing over the car, supposedly his job not a salesman but a customer service advisor i believe was his title knew next to nothing about my car i had to explain to him how the keyless entry worked he used the fob to open it and said that to start the car it had to be in the centre console, tried to tell me that i had to buy a disc to upgrade the sync3 nav.
  10. Unless you are in the habit of lurking on forums like this and/or a reader of car mags, most people wouldn't have a clue what was under the bonnet and what it did, in the same way you don't get intricately involved in the workings of your microwave oven (is there a forum for that?😀). BMW found that about 90% of 1-Series buyers didn't know which end was driven, still less care, as long as it had that blue and white badge. (Given that rwd was supposedly the usp of that model, that sounds to me like a massive failure on BMW's part to connect with their customers.) And I have found in the last year that staff at several local Ford dealerships (including, worryingly, "service advisors") knew nothing about GPF's now being fitted to petrol cars. 😚
  11. It happens no matter what weather dry or damp
  12. I am trying to find some documentation on bodywork removal ( bumper ) for a Mondeo MK4 ( 2014 1.6 Ecoboost) . The bumper is damaged but , I dont know how to remove . Ideally need a to see a schematic/ diagram . I can see there are Haynes manuals but , not sure if they include diagrams/ instructions on panel/ bumper removal [Edit] I just tried ETIS but it errored out ! . Is it £44 to register though ? Can someone send me the bumper pages for a donation ?
  13. Hi, I am looking at buying the primary and secondary hose kit and I was wondering if this would make much of a difference. I’m wanting to do a stage 1 remap but I want to make sure I don’t blow up my car😂 I have a k&n airfliter already which fits into the standard air filter box. thanks
  14. People don't look at what they're buying. They look at a nice shiney paint job and the fact it connects to Thier newest phone they have so they can show off to Thier buddies. Among the top complaints I get are MPG are bad, when they've bought a petrol SUV Dpf what's that shouldn't I have been told Can't I just put cheap tyres on that aren't run flat You just plug it in to diagnose why does it cost me X amount. Stupid tyre pressure monitor systems on. When they haven't checked Thier tyre pressures in 6 months. My oil is low why, it shouldn't use it. My mate can do it cheaper My mate tried to do it, it still doesn't work These are heard on an almost weekly basis. Christ the insight you get to public stupidity in the motor trade is amazing
  15. DPFs have been factory fitted to mainstream cars for the last 15 are there still people that don't know about them!?
  16. I too would like to know how to remove the bumper , It seems there are several parts latched together ( grill / bumper/ sub bumper ) , My Mondeo was previously a CAT N and repaired . Its apparent the front bumper was replaced , however the front bumper grills and trim are coming loose/apart after some months of ownership .. Ideally I would like to check pages in a service/ or assembly manual . I may need to due some gluing and/or plastic welding . Its a 2014 Graphite model
  17. No Andrew I don't, Last head I took off was a 2.0 Pinto in a Capri...... And you could actually stand on the road through the engine compartment.... PS Did you see the post in the Fusion about a CTS ?
  18. Lol, had never heard of rumination syndrome, I wonder how two very different things ended up with the same name! How many more weeks of holiday have you got left now? I did something interesting on Saturday evening after a really rough couple of days, went to a fireworks display down the docks (it's now called the Waterfront since no-one uses little boats for commerce anymore lol)...had to park on a very dark and empty side street, then lots of people around, noise, lights, motion etc once I'd reached the Waterfront, quite a few drunk people as well and I was very worried about thieves, knives or bombs even with so many people around...however, I didn't get stabbed or shot or bombed...and the fireworks were pretty good tbh. It's just worth remembering that although there seems to be an awful lot of bad things happening nowadays that we have no control over, it's not all bad... Also, did you spot me on AR last night? I'd forgotten just how miserable I looked on it!
  19. Just bought a Focus 1.0 (Mk 3.5) and so far loving it! Hoping to learn and participate in the Forum 🙂
  20. All successfully installed, I'm now u to F8 In my case the software and gracenote were already up to date, so it probably just used the maps files.
  21. If I remember correctly on my 2009 mondeo the voice commands where only in relation to the radio, ie "Play CD" PlayTrack1" that sort of thing.
  22. Hi anyone no if the mk1 /03 reg fuel injectors are coded to the engine or can I just uses others from a different car its a petrol tanks in adv
  23. Hi there ! On the Duratec 2.0, there is no MAF. Only a MAP bolted directly to the manifold, that cannot be removed for regular cleaning without taking out the fans. Is it possible to spray some intake cleaner to the throttle while revving at 2000RPM, to clean it and the intake ? Have you done it before. i have done it many times with MAF cars but because the sensor is internal in this case I am not sure ? Then again, if the O2 SENSORS stay safe from these procedures why not the MAP Thanks !
  24. Sorry you may have sparked an angry response there [emoji23]
  25. What you say is correct. One of the most common terms I hear now is "well I wasn't told I'd need to do long journeys when I bought it" people don't get given the information. Also yes people buy for status all the ***** time. It angers the ***** out of me. Like really angers me. I work as a tech. I regularly get people come in and say can you park my massive SUV cause I can't. ***** ridiculous. I also hear. Well my ford/Peugeot/fiat never cost that much for tyres or repairs. Well you shouldn't have bought a ***** 2.5 tonne BMW to do the school run then Karen should you, you dozy ***** cow.
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