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  2. Ford 1.8 TDCi | Lower Wet Belt to Chain kit this was advertised on E bay sent a message to them saying will this have all the components necessary to convert to the chain replied we have sold these but dont know if they will fit to replace the wet belt. price was 94.99 sold by midlandscomponents Walsall.It sounds a bit risky unless anyone knows any different.
  3. bigbill

    seat Cusion

    Hi has any body got the part number for the drivers seat cushion as i can feel the off side metal bracket against my leg I Have 2010 2lt TX Sport Estate It has Heated and cooled seats but only single electric adjustment Many thanks
  4. Jayykarr

    Poorly diesel focus

    Anyone out there ?
  5. craig26283

    Mk8 Forscan chat

    Interesting, I simply thought more was involved! Getting Sat Nav working in my MK7.5 was more involving! lol Good luck!
  6. fleamoo

    Bled brakes remain spongy

    OK, sorry, more to it than I realised! ABS problems seem to have been an issue in the past, and I'm a relative newcomer to Ford ownership. Good luck getting it sorted.
  7. Hi all, I have a remote fob keyless entry system on my Focus. I bought it a few weeks ago (privately) but am now finding the niggles that I missed on the day of purchase. The most annoying is that as I approach the car, the hatchback does not unlock and I need to press the boot release fob button twice to open it. Would anyone know the part number for this, or is it repairable? Also the square black button on the drivers door handle doesn't lock the car (passenger side is fine) Again, is this an easy fix or a replacement part? It's actually a button and not just a sensor. I'm guessing water ingress causing both issues. Thanks for any advice.
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  9. vicarofsheff


    Is the manual gearbox 180bjp
  10. Dee_82

    Mk4 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Limp Mode

    Na, not a scooby. Ive pretty much given up, the only things ive not really changed are the PCM and the brake control module, one costs quite a bit and the other is a complete PITA. im not prepared to spend big money repairing this so ill just need to live with it and hope I can get shot of it, besides that im having trouble starting in the morning, starter is struggling to turn it over, which is another sign of immanent doom as the clutch falls to bits and im getting some awful knocking on the NS shock. Im going to take some degreaser to the strut and see if they notice at the MOT next month 😄 Two of your codes suggest that the garage is correct, its a boost problem which might be the solenoid, the actuator sensor or the actuator itself either because its nackard or because the turbo vanes are gummed up. A sticking actuator might be any one of the above problems or some weird electrical gremlin, Ive tried driving erratically over 400 miles and it still happened. You have two choices, take a look for yourself, make sure the solenoid is working, maybe swap it with the one for the anti shudder valve (As you look at the right side of the engine, there are two red/purple coloured solenoids attached to the engine itself, the one closed to the front is the anti shudder valve, the one to the back is the boost solenoid, they are both the same. check the hoses, if possible check if your losing pressure on the lines. Maybe get a ELM 327 device and forscan, monitor the vane position sensor and see if it does anything wonky. look back at the posts on this thread for some idea of what your looking at. beyond that, anything you can do will be based on your time, ability and how big your wallet is
  11. FRG

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Riken. I’d never heard of them but have been impressed by their capabilities in the cold temps and the snow grip is really good. They’re no good for spirited driving, laughable amounts of understeer, but that’s not what I bought them for. I went 205/45 not 205/40, the comfort is vastly improved over the ContiSC’s.
  12. craigjoshuamuscat

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    Fair points raised by both sides for and against winter tyres. Personally, I could afford to purchase winter wheels and tyres - therefore I did, and I'm happy with the initial outlay. I think the tyres will last me well; I tend to drive most often for work when it's pretty cold (any time between 2300-0900) so the weather can be chilly at those hours. I also didn't struggle to drive on my summers during the snow we had in March - but I certainly didn't enjoy the lack of control on occasion; and if needed to avoid someone rear-ending me, I'd have been unable to manoeuvre my way out of trouble. What tyres did you go for?
  13. lukew1985

    Broadband help

    No issues with sky. Great customer service too
  14. dezwez

    Things I Do Like

    ill second that mate 😊
  15. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Thanks mate
  16. fullstomp

    Mk7.5 Retrofit OEM park sensors - Can it be done?

    I'm having difficulty getting the old bcm out! Its trapped pretty tight on the ST variant on the top left corner by a huge loom. Bracket is razor sharp too. My existing BCM part number - AV1T-15K600-CK Donor BCM (ST200) - DN1T-15K600-GF Hardware Version 8 Software 10.00
  17. Undo the crank bolt as far as it will go then warm the crank bolt with a warm air gun and keep undoing. That's the official ford method. What you don't want to is use an air or battery impact wrench. That will snap the bolt.
  18. iantt

    Bled brakes remain spongy

    Sounds like the abs module does indeed need changing, I've done quite a few due the the pedal travel.
  19. AzMar

    Black coolant tank walls

    thanks for the responses but as Neb_engineer said the walls are stained, i checked the coolant and it's clean also the oil level is the same for months now so i don't think there is any leak from one to the other fortunately.
  20. Vinjy

    Bled brakes remain spongy

    Don't worry about sounding patronising, I have no desire to do any work to the car to be honest unless I absolutely have to. I keep trying to convince myself that I am worrying about nothing and it's just designed to be the way it is but I compare it to my 2014 Golf where you need what feels like 5cm of travel to go from nothing to wheels locking up as you progressively push down on the pedal. Whereas in the Fiesta you apply the brake and you get nothing for about 5cm then you get about 75% of braking action instantly and the brake "bites" hard and after that nothing more as you continue to push the pedal further. I have slammed the brakes hard on it before as someone braked in front of me and almost pooed myself as the car just kept going. I have also tried to get the wheels to lock up (and ABS kick in) by pushing the pedal hard to the floor the other day but they never locked up and just slowed me down from 40 to 0. We just had some snow so I'll see if I can take it to an empty car park and at least try to get the ABS on that way.
  21. Good Evening, I have a 2016 Mk 2.5 Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium on 100K, I've taken it to my local garage and they couldn't get the crank bolt out to get the lower cambelt cover off. It started to undo, then got stuck, so they did it back up again. I have spoken to a ford specialist, and say its an issue with too much locktite from the factory. They have got the tools to drill out and re-thread the cam. Has anyone else heard of this, or does anyone know of anyone in the Midlands that would be able to do this, because the place I've spoken too proves a bit of a logistical issue. Thanks in Advance. Dave
  22. DavesEdge

    VIN Number

    Hi Jim Whilst tracking down my comments prior to writing to fmc concerning my edge, I came across your article above, so thought I would try this with my Edge. Interestingly I get the message "Please check back later. The window sticker has not yet been released for this vehicle." Etis tells me that my Edge is " Edge 2015-, 2.0L Duratorq-TDCi (132kW/180PS), Ruby Red (Metallic) " which is correct. Vin says my Edge is 2016 Model Year Just wondering if I am missing anything here? Happy motoring Dave
  23. FRG

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    I use winters on my 7.5 van, on the option 17” wheels. They’re brilliant. This is the third winter they’ve been put on so it works out that they’ve done about 10k miles and still have a good 75% tread left.
  24. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    I like that it snowed. I'd be happy if it heavily snowed so I can have some fun with the handbrake 🤣
  25. TomsFocus

    New battery type focus 2010 1.6 tdci

    All Ford's have had smart charge since the early 2000s. Easiest way to see it is with a live data voltage reading, graph setting on Forscan is ideal. When you first start the engine from cold the voltage should be high for a few seconds before dropping back to 14.4v (roughly). If there's no spike to start with the smart charge probably isn't working.
  26. LesPes

    Air filter upgrade

    If anyone wants this filter for £20 posted then just message me. Just didn't do it for me.
  27. TomsFocus

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    I don't use them myself either, but if I had the money and storage for a second set of wheels I probably would lol.
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