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  2. Right, despite the previous given advice I’ve decided to this conversion, I nearly have all the bits and will be tackling it over the bank holiday weekend. I’m confident I can get all functions working and it’ll provide the perfect step to later convert to sync 3 once the price of used units comes down a bit. What im looking for is any interest in a how to guide? I had little luck when searching for a guide and have sourced my information from all over the place. I’m happy to describe the process and take loads of pictures provided people would want to see it! Ive attached a picture of what I’m starting with and the existing system will be up for sale once the conversion is complete. So let me know 👍🏻
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yes i'am sure that system is ok. Jeffas said it perfect few post above. I would like to feel those infrasounds more, so i might be just after that " neighbourhood-shaking" stuff
  4. Today
  5. Hello. I've just bought a Ford Focus 2006 1.6 TDCI and had a few questions. The first is whether or not this pipe should be coming out of this part of the engine or not, as it looks like the metal around the are has been peeled back? The car is also making a whirring/whooshing sound when driving and with the tyres being bold on the outer edges of each tyre I wondered whether or not I should get all the wheels balanced? The second question is that when I brake there is a rubbing/grinding sound and is this normal? When I decompress the brake peddle there is also a click/ping sound? Apparently new brake pads (possibly discs) were fitted during the MOT (paid for by the dealer and the MOT completed by another garage). I've also noticed quite a lot of rust on the rear axle and two brake drums and was this normal for a car of this age or is this excessive? Apologies for so many questions at once. Any advice/knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Any idea which relay relates to the rear lights and registration light please?
  7. 1.4 TDCi Ecu remap/ Intercooler

    Theres a company called Hdi tuning which remap diesel engines made by Peugeot Citroën PSA. They say they up the power to 90hp and its within the stock hardware. Thinking of using them for my car. Also does your car have a turbo? http://www.hdi-tuning.co.uk/ecu-remapping/custom-remaps/ford-tuning/fiesta-mk6-1400-TDCI/fiesta-tuning-1-4-70-TDCI-remap.html
  8. A few Xtrons questions

    Quick hijack, but do any of you have rear parking sensors? And did they continue to work after swapping out the stereo for one of these Android ones?
  9. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    I've got a intermittent fault with the cigar. lighter fuse constantly blowing off after charging a mobile phone is this happened with you guys? My car is 07 plate 1.8 Tdci Also got a massive vibration when on idle probably clutch on the way as it getting worse since i bought the car 2 years ago currently with 95.500m Regards,
  10. What is this brake part

    ECP offers.. what a joke! They are like DFS.
  11. Deep impact blue

    I had a courtesy Vauxhall Adam earlier this year when my car was written off (Feel the need to say i wasn't to blame) its colour was called 'Burger Sauce' make of that what you will!
  12. Ecoboost Sudden death at 40K miles - Degas hose

    I had the same issue with the degas hose on my 2013 Zetec S in November 2016. My car just suddenly stopped one day. As I realised that the engine was dead I called Ford and booked it in and expected a big bill. When I called after a couple of days to check they said that a new engine was on order and they replaced the engine under warranty (which only had a week or two to run.) My car has NEVER been serviced by Ford.
  13. Mk3 focus washer pump

    ...yeeeeeeeeeesssss. (Goes and checks!) Yeah this happened actually while filling it up. The jets got weak so I thought it must be low (though actually thinking about it I didn't get a warning on the dash like usual). I topped it up, noting how little it seemed to accept but also that there was a tiny dribble left in the bottle. Not wanting to put it back in the shed with naff all in, I tested the washers with the bonnet up thinking I could then pour the last bit in. A little bit came out of the jets and then no more. Yeah, when it stops raining I'm gonna have the plug off and see if there's power getting to it. I'm guessing it'll probably just need replacing, but wondered if there are any quirky issues anyone knew of which can cause this problem.
  14. What is this brake part

    45% off at ECP as well so absolute bargain
  15. Tyre's appear to loose grip on full lock

    I'll try and get these checked, got the rear bushes checked as the car was a bit wobbly at the back but appeared fine according to mechanic. Perhaps the front end is having an effect on the back.
  16. New mot old Ford diesels

    Diesel smoke. Would a forced/static regen cure this? Or maybe a good old fashioned Italian tune up! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Mk2 Focus 2.0TDCI -Issues

    Yeah I had the DPF and EGR reset too after they were replaced :(
  18. I have a 2007 1.4 TDCi Fiesta and was thinking about getting it remapped. Its one of the slower models with only 68bhp. Found a company that says they can get it up to 100bhp. I saw another forum about the same model as mine talking about getting an intercooler then remapped to suit the intercooler. Would this do anything getting an intercooler on my car then getting it remapped to suit it and increase horsepower? The cars stock no turbo and i saw online that intercoolers wont do anything and are a waste of money without having a turbocharger. Might sound like a stupid question but would this help performance wise getting both done to my motor? Thanks.
  19. LED Replacement Bulbs

    I`ve replaced the full set of halogen bulbs to LED and all working fine. Is your bulb holder connector lining up ok and fully connected when turning LED in all the way ? Found one of mine a bit tight .
  20. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Eventually @stef123 now after all that l have to swap the reverse switch as oil leaks through it n sealing stuff won't stop it 😠 the joys of self repairing 😀... Bonus to highlight white vinegar and water left it about a day and half ( l forgot about it 😂 ) the results..
  21. Breakdown Cover

    Hi, Please feel free to take a look at our breakdown offering if you wish. https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/breakdown/?utm_source=adwords&utm_campaign=breakdown&utm_medium=ppc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7c-F9MTV2gIV6LvtCh1FEwOjEAAYASAAEgKTnfD_BwE Regards, Dan.
  22. Possible diesel runaway on my 1.6TDCI?

    This seems suspicious to me too. It seems ridiculous design that this could ever happen by just babying the car too much. Is it possible that this could be caused by overfilling the oil? The smoke was light grey, definitely not dark or blue. I was not able to smell the smoke as you are stuck in a confined waiting area with just a window to view the test. This is a DPF model but the DPF has been gutted by the previous owner.
  23. I also asked the question of Mountune, who very promptly replied with the following: If you do have the MP215 kit which is installed via Fords database then you will be fine to have this work done. The dealer who do the service will be able to apply the latest version of MP215 software which will have the outstanding field service action on, and this will not affect the vehicle. However if your dealer are concerned at all then please get them to contact us. Great customer service as I've come to expect!
  24. Can anyone advise me what this particular update does? Thank you. Niamh
  25. New mot old Ford diesels

    That's another silly thing about not taking the car out the MOT centre if it failed. Yes you can say your risking yourself driving a car with a serious fault however it can also be a way for these places to make money. My car failed MOT as the brake pedal would creep down all the way. After bringing it home I noticed brake fluid was leaking from the pipe which goes to the rear drum. The MOT inspector accidently made a hole in the brake pipe whilst he was inspecting the underside. I just changed both brake pipes and that sorted the brake pedal. These places should not charge the customer if they caused a problem. It also would be cheaper doing it yourself if you can.
  26. The puma is almost on the road! restoring it has taken a long time...

  27. Deep impact blue

    Can't be as bad as the beige courtesy car I had, think it was some early form or adaptive camouflage as everyone seemed to be unable to see it on the roads
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