2012 Titanium X Sport - Head Unit Issue

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Hello everyone,

Woke up this AM with a bit of a problem on my Mondeo 2012 TXS...I seem to be missing some settings and functions on my head unit.

Firstly my clock has disappeared, in the settings menu on the dash all my phone and radio options have disappeared and climate control is not working - either touchscreen on with the buttons.

My screen blower seems to be stuck on a high heat and blow so it gets a boiling in the car once the engine has warmed up...photos attached.

Any ideas?




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What's it like today? Anything else misbehaving on the car?

Might be worth trying a rest of some sort like disconnecting the battery for 20 mins or so (make sure you have the radio code though).

Not sure if it will help, but there are a couple of software updates for this unit, see here... http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/235309-service-pack-2013-ford-sd-touchscreen-mca-navi-plus/

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