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Car stalling when driving and distance to empty 0 miles?


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So last night and today my cars stalled whilst driving for some reason (both times i was in third if it makes a difference). Now i though i may have knocked the key with my knee as theres a few keyrings on there and maybe pulled it. So i tested it out today to see how much force I'd have to put on it today for it to turn the key whilst driving. I'm pretty sure i'm not turning the key because of the amount of force i had to use. The only problem is after i turned the ignition off myself when driving my distance to empty is now constantly reading 0 and the warning light is showing, now this was on before i did it but it was reading about 50 miles, even after filling up my tank it stays the same but the fuel gauge shows a quarter of a tank. Any ideas as to why my distance to empty is 0 or to why my car could be stalling while im driving. 

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