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My 2014, 40k 1.5 tdci is smoking badly. Dip the throttle quickly clouds of black smoke. oil is changed regularly, injector cleaner added, changed from Morrisons to BP diesel. Taken for long ride in low gear to heat up particulate filter. It just about scraped through last MOT. Goes well fuel economy aroung 60mpg

Is there a common fault with this engine any advice will be welcome.

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Just a update. I took the car into my local Ford Dealership (Greenhouse Ford ) Mid Wales. They ran tests and suggested a service. I only spoke to a young chap that had been there a few weeks and new virtually nothing. I agreed to a service although I had changed the oil and filters but not the fuel filter. I asked if it would pass a MOT the young man said yes. 

One week later I dropped it off. Same young man at the desk. I said what exactly are you going to do. He said oil, filters, plugs (diesel car). I was not overjoyed and he fetched a older man who seemed to know his stuff but he said it would not pass Its MOT as it was. 

I left it with them. Small bill for fuel filter change and software update.

I was dissapointed with the feedback although their engineers are excellent.

I will take it out today to see if there is any change to the Black Smoke Syndrome.


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