Cigarette lighter, aux and usb not working 2010 titanum fiesta

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my aux lead was connected to my phone then the other end fell into my cigarette lighter which caused loads of sparks and blew my phone, now my cigarette lighter, aux and usb aint working

could it just be the fuses or a more serious problem? 

if it is the fuses anyone know where they are located? 

its a 1.4 titanium 2010 fiesta 

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Fuse number 22 -  20amp - looks like its behind the glove compartment on a Fiesta 2010

Do you not have your users manual?

There should be a diagram next to the fusebox when you remove the glove box with fuse numbers and ratings!



PS. Hope it wanst an Iphoney!


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To get the glovebox out (or at least pull it out further than the stops so you can easily access the fuse box) you have to push the left and right sides inwards together. The rubber "tabs" (the sticky outie bit that stops the glovebox opening all the way) will clear the stops allowing you to pull it out all the way. Saves you using a screwdriver to take the hinges out.

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