Radio switching off after 10 seconds

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just purchased a focus 2009 titanium which has a sat nav radio. I was told that the battery had just been replaced however since doing so the radio/sat nav does not stay on for longer than about 10 seconds. 


I have been been able to program the date/time and it does remain correct, however it will not stay on. 

Is there a way to check the battery or should I check the wiring behind the radio?




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Hi Andrew! I just bought my 2012 Mondeo Titanium 2.0l diesel a week past Friday gone and from the first day,the Sony DAB radio goes off after 2mins...earlier if I open a door.

It doesn't have Sat Nav,and the radio works with the engine just won't work when the engine is stopped!

The Dealer who I bought it from is going to discuss any aftersales problems i have with the car generally,with a view to putting things right.

The dealer's are REDBURN MOTOR COMPANY in Blyth Northumberland...and all the staff have been very pleasant to deal with so far.

They corrected problems that I pointed out pre-sale,so I am not expecting any fuss over this radio problem when I take the car back in this week,as arranged.

Although this is not a new car, it is pretty immaculate,and to be tarnished by a high-tech radio that I have to leave the engine running to play a CD,or listen to the radio,while having an in-car snack....well, I think Ford have a lot to answer for!

I will try to remember to update you on my progress...hope it doesn't turn into a saga like other members have experienced!

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I forgot to say that the 'Low battery' warning light was on when I test drove the car,and which the salesman said was probably a key fob battery low.

Well,the light also displays a car battery symbol next to the warning message,so not the fob!

I will be discussing this with the after-sales staff member,who after ten minutes with me,discovered that,after 50 years of owning,maintaining,and driving cars,I have a pretty fair knowledge of the workings and failures of them!

I agree with some members comments about how a simple bad or loose connection,or bad earth on a circuit,can cause the techie major headaches!

Hope we both get sorted quickly!

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Thanks very much WA07 for replying and going into all that detail. Any help that you can provide once you get an answer would be great. 


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