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Fiesta weird rocking side to side.


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 Ok guys this morning I was driving to work and after I overtook a lorry on the motorway and got back into the left lane, the car started rocking side to side very violently. Best way to describe it is a boat on rough sea. 

Fiesta was driving perfectly straight, no funny movement in the steering wheel, no weird noises after about 15-20 seconds it stopped and everything was normal. 

I tried tugging left and right on the steering wheel to see if I could replicate the rocking but nothing happened. The motorway was rather wet this morning. Had two new tyres on 2 months ago. And other 2 tyres have about 6mm thread left on them. 

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what's happening. 


Fiesta 60 plate. Titanium model. 1.4 diesel.

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16 minutes ago, dezwez said:

could it be the wind

I'm not that daft. 😂 plus wind would push me side to side. The car drove perfectly straight.

The car didn't start rocking until I was back I  lane past the lorry.

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