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Orange scanner and engine light on - please help


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Im new to this but would really like to speak to someone who knows thing or two about ford fiestas.

I bought Ford Fiesta 2014 in September (used car) with only 11000 mileage. It's 1.5 diesel. 

I have not had any problems with the car until now.

The car was serviced in February. It's passed MOT in March. Last week when I set off from my house, an orange spanner light came on and it said engine service now. I went online and read that to reset it I need to switch the car off and restart. I did that and the light was gone. However! The light came back on after 6 days and this time the turbo stopped working. The car drives but is not as powerful. I took it to a garage and they found 3 fault codes: glow plug control module circuit high, turbo/super charge low and EGR valve frozen. They reset the codes and told me to drive it to see if it comes back on. The light came back on the same evening. I took it back to the garage and when they check the fault codes, the first 2 codes came back but not EGR valve. They told me to drive it and said they will look into it. After another day an engine light came on as well as the spanner light. Im not sure what is wrong but I'm not very happy as the car had only done less than 15000 miles. 

Does anyone know what could be happening or had something similar happen? I would seriously appreciate any advice.

Thank you


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worrying as I have 2015 1.5tdci diesel which is due for service and I was thinking about doing the service myself which would invalidate the last 7 months of warranty for me. I was going to take a chance of these 1.5 diesels never going wrong.

Anyway, I don't know the answer to your problem but if I was you I would invest in a fault code reader yourself so you can read and reset without going the garage each time. This might help narrow down when each code appears (read the codes as soon as any warning comes on).

https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/      I have the USB modified one (has extra switch added which gives more functionality for Fords) which I use with laptop.

Free software if you click on Help and Links on that page.

Tunnelrat has been recommended on this ford forum many times.

It's a small price to pay for the convenience. All owners should have one.

Glowplugs should only affect running when starting from cold. I wonder if 11k miles is genuine. It sounds very low. Bearing in mind the extra cost of diesels new, they tended to be bought by people who would get the extra cost back in fuel savings and that would not have been achieved with low mileage use. Is everything consistant with that mileage, eg. pedal rubber wear, original tyres etc.


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Hi thanks for the reply. The heading should say spanner and  it scanner.


Anyway I now know what was wrong.  It was a turbo waste gate pressure pipe that split. £3 cost for a new pipe and labour obviously. I think the mileage is genuine as it has a service book and shows that the car was serviced every year. I do need 2 new front tyres. Just hope that nothing else will go wrong soon again. 

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before the 1.5tdci engine, there was a 1.4tdci  and a 1.6tdci , as far as I know these engines were a bit different from eachother

I believe the 1.5 is based on the 1.6 (it is only 61cc difference) and not based on the 1.4.  so I don't think you need to worry. 

I had a 2007 1.6tdci and now have a 1.5tdci.  Early 1.6 engines have all sorts of horror storeys about turbo failure and gunked up oil pipes but I don't think the newer cars have any such troubles.

My 2007 1.6tdci had 1k miles on it when I bought it. I sold it to my brother at 146k miles. Now has 160k miles on it. Very little trouble up until last week when it is showing fault codes for EGR valve. But I was very pleased with that car and felt I got my money's worth easily. 

I reckon if anyone is going to get any troubles on the 1.5tdci it will be down to DPF problems due to not driving it for long enough journeys. 

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Hi thanks for the reply. I guess that will be my issue as I don't drive the car for long journeys. What would you recommend as a long journey and how often should the car do long journey? I don't want to get issues because I don't drive it enough. Thanks 

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