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Mk2 Cortina wanted

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Hello to you all from a new member. I am trying to relive part of my youth(aren,t we all !!!) and that,s the reason I,m here. Around 1972 my dad bought his first car, a 1967 Mk2 Cortina 1500 GT (FFF 813E). We worked on the car together over a couple of years and it ended up at 1650cc with a few tuning goodies. I passed my test in the car and thanks to my old dad, I was allowed to borrow his pride and joy to take my mates out on Friday nights. Sadly the car suffered the deadly rot and she was disposed of a few years later. I kept the engine and a few of the personal parts my dad had fitted. You know what,s coming next!!! I would like to buy any model Mk2 with a view to recreating the good old days(I think!), even an Estate. I don,t want a pristine car but something I can do a little bit of work on, perhaps an unfinished project, blown engine, slightly modified, you get the picture? If you can put me in touch with anyone who has such a car I would be very gratefull for your help and hopefully get another Cortina back on the road. I am going to move to a warm country in the near future( need some sun on the old bones!) so a left hand drive car would be ideal.   Thanks for reading this and look forward to hearing back from someone in the near future.  All the best to everyone and thanks again for looking at this, John

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