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Dpf fault finding


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I was away over the harsh winter period and on my way home the engine light came on for dpf high soot and into limp mode. 

Before I have put wd 40 into the pressure pipe entry and this sorted it out, not this time, very little smoke came out. 

I confirmed the vaporiser has continuity and was not blocked. 

I reset the codes with pipes detached, still there. Reset with senor detached from pipes, still there. This lead me to believe the pressure sensor was faulty. 

Today I fitted the new sensor but the lights still come on. Cleaned the dpf using a dpf cleaner but lights still come on. 

So I tried a stationary regeneration but had hardly any smoke. Soot was at 207% before and after the regeneration, surely this should go up or down? 

When I reset the codes they come back on with just ignition not engine on, is this normal? 

Also when disconnect the pressure sensor and reset the codes. I get high voltage code but I also get live readings of soot 207% still? 

Could I have a short? I get continuity on the sensor plug even with the negative one  the battery disconnected? 

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