Mondeo mk4 16" tyre profile

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Hello! I have Mondeo 2011 estate with Bilstein B12 ProKit -30mm. Now fitted with 205/55-16 94W XL-class tyres but are bit too hard and noisy for my taste. Have thought of getting next 205/60-16 91-94 H (or V) index tyres. I have so bad imagination and no experience from different tyre sized so asking if anyone has opinion or experience that would there be problems with desired size and indices? Like when driving to bumps or holes with wheels turned, do they hit wheel arch? And is minimum 91 load index high enough in practice, while for total mass of 2335kg it's enough in papers? 215/55-16 would also give more rubber for total suspension but that size is bit expensive these days, like 100-200€ more per set versus 205/60-16.

Here in Finland we have so bad quality tarmac that 55-profile isn't synonym for comfort. Normal driving only within speed limits, of course sometimes little more sporty pass-bys. 

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And if no interest to answer, please link some previous threads if there is any. 

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