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Looking for rough estimate on costs of upgrades


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i’ve recently bought a 2014 fiesta zetec s red edition with pretty low specs. I’m hoping to get a rough estimate of the costs of the upgrades i want to make on the car

1. Folding mirrors

2. Full colour change wrap

3. Cruise control

4. Built in satnav

if anyones done any of these upgrades please let me know roughly how much i should expect to pay for each of these

Thank you

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To put it simply, it will cost more than it would've been to buy a higher spec one with the options.

Powerfold mirrors - £150 (plus cost for painting and buttons on drivers door). Then you have to hope the wiring is there.

Wrap - At least £800 for something basic depending on where you go, colour etc. I'd be prepared to pay at least £1200-£1500 for a good job though.

Cruise control - £100 for the steering wheel plus an Elm327 adapter to activate using Forscan (not sure if you need a wiring loom too). iNath looked into this quite extensively on the pre-facelift models, so try this guide here to see if you can upgrade.

Satnav - £200 plus cost for SD card with map on. You'll need a modified Elm327 and Forscan to activate it too.

All these prices (apart from the wrap) is just bits required if you were doing it yourself. Be prepared to pay considerably more if you get a garage to do all of it.

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@Luke4efc thanks for the reply, literally given me all the info i need.

i’ll probably skip the wrap since it costs that much but the cruise control, mirrors and satnav seem like a decent price, they’ll probably increase the cars cost by a similar amount when it comes time to sell anyways

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