Ford Sync 3 - WiFi issues

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Bought a 2017 Mondeo St line with Sync 3 in it a few months back. The system never picks my phone/WiFi up for the first journey of every day, however, all other journeys seem to be ok and Apple Car Play works as expected.

After having a look through various settings I noticed that the”System WiFi” is off when this problem occurs. I never touch this setting and i’m wondering why it seems to have a mind of its own by turning itself on/off.

Had anyone else has a similar problem and solution?? Thanks in advance.

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had same issue recently, even after dealer did a Sync 3 V3.0 update. Whilst ignition switches on, delete BT connection from phone (choose forget if iOS) and do same in car.

turn ignition off and same with phone and the. Turn both back on and re-pair.....all should be sorted 🙂

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