Instrument cluster lights always on

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Hi all.

As title.  I find this extremely annoying as I've always relied on looking down at the instrument cluster to remind me that I need to turn my lights on.

I've had a look at Forscan ICP programming but can't see any option to change this setting.

Anyone one else find this an irritation or is it just me?


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I find it irritating. I think it seems to be a common thing on cars with daytime running lights. I often see cars at night with daytime running lights on and no tail lights on. which is no doubt where people don't realise they have forgotten to put their lights on as the speedo being illuminated all of the time means it is not obvious. If you can't read the speedo it reminds you. Having the speedo illuminated all of the time seems to be  backward step in safety in my opinion.

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