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Speed limiter opinions


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Hi, all

I recently picked up my new Fiesta Mk8 st line 140ps. 

I have been playing with the speed limiter on it as I've never used one before or a cruise control. I just wondered what anyone else thought about it? 


I am finding is strange when you are going down hill or up hill. Seems like such hard work for it and could be causing more bad than good.

On a straight road with it set at 40, 50 or 60mph it seems brilliant. Eith great fuel economy around 60mpg showing on the computer

Does anyone else use it regularly or have any tips on how to get the best out of it? 



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I think you mean cruise control rather than the limiter?  The limiter just stops you going over a certain speed regardless of pedal position, no extra work at all for the engine. 

Cruise control seems weird at first but it isn't really hard work unless you're in the wrong gear, it's no different to you constantly adjusting the throttle with your foot, you're just so used to it you don't notice any more.  You may need to drop down a gear if the engine starts to labour uphill though, the same as you would without cruise, then just press the res (resume) button to keep the desired speed.

I use mine all the time, couldn't be without it these days! :smile: 

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Be aware that if you have your cruise control set at say 50 mph in a 50 zone, your car will go over 50mph if going downhill.   The cruise control, while closing the throttle, will not apply the brakes.

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A 140ps shouldn’t really labour going uphill at over 40mph in 6th, the Car will fettle the power to maintain speed and unless, as said above, you are in the wrong gear there shouldn’t be a problem. Going downhill if the speed creeps over the set speed then you should get an audible warning to alert you, not that you should need that as you will be constantly monitoring your speed. “It was the cruise controls fault you’re honour” won’t cut it as a defence I’m afraid lol. 

Like @TomsFocus I wouldn’t buy a car without it now, it makes motorway journeys comfortable and I’m not risking a ticket either 😉

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