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Key Reprogramming


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Hi, i have a 2009 MK7 Fiesta

I currently have a standard non remote key and a remote key which is the horseshoe key. I'm after a flip key which i have already bought used - which i'm presuming will already be programmed.

Been looking up on how to reprogram ford keys using the ignition and putting it into a certain mode. I understand how to do it however i have a few questions,

Will the already programmed key i have bought need to be unprogrammed before reporgramming?

Will a lock smith such as Timpsons be able to recut my key for me? Will i need to prove i own the car or anything?

Do i need to worry about the immobilizer?Saw something on another post.

Is there anything else i need to know before doing it???



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The key won't need unprogramming.  Nothing actually gets changed on the key chip, you are actually programming the car to recognise it.  Any half decent key cutters should be able to cut you a key blade for about a tenner, and all they will need will be the working key, no id or logbook or anything.

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