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Not easy tbh.  Clocks are coded to ECU/immobiliser and store mileage.  Dash fascia with switches etc can be swapped to change the radio but not sure if the loom is the same.

If you just want to change the 'triple' type stereo to a standard double din unit, you can cut out the middle dash bars with a hacksaw which will be the easiest thing to do.

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I kind of thought the clocks would be coded but if they were a straight bolt in could an auto spark do it?

Re dash..would a 6000cd for talking sake fit straight in if I cut the bars.

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Clocks can probably be coded with FORScan but not sure if auto electrician could do it with generic software.  Would have to ask one.

Can't just put a 6000CD in after cutting bars as the triple stereo bolts in, but the other one slots into a cage built into the dash.  If you were to buy an aftermarket double din unit it would come with its own cage, trim and wiring harness adapter.

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Would they (clocks) bolt straight in though, I think a mate has forscan.

So the radios would fit just some cutting...the triple setup I'm just not keen on.

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