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EcoBoost 140ps performace


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Hi All


New to here , I have just purchase a Fiesta Zetec S Red which has the EcoBoost 1.0 140ps tune in it 

It drives nice and I love the sound of it , One thing I have noticed though it seems to perform well in 1st gear

2nd Gear it drive good not a ferocious at 1st Gear but good.

But if you drive it hard to the limiter in 2nd gear and then throw it into third there is like a delay in the pickup .

For instance you change rapid into 3rd , it revs ok and then all of a sudden it gets to 5000 rpm and then you get a rush and it pulls again to the redline ??

Now is this a possible Boost Problem or is it the variable cam timing that may be an issue  ?

Also I know that it was so called serviced before I bought it and I very much doubt if the recommended 5-20w oil was used more like standard 5-30w instead I wonder if this makes a difference also being a highly strung engine.

Would like to get this sorted as soon as because I want to put a Bluefin Map on it soon.

Lots of Questions I know Thanks for any comments or advise 


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Is this not just the loss of power associated with the turbo needing to spool up?

I've found that third feels more powerful as it's not being held back by the engine management software.

Smarter minds may have a better answer than this though

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Maybe Turbo Lag , what about the oil , is that not a factor to do with the Variable Valve timing . i.e if the timing was not advancing quickly enough because of incorrect oil then this may cause this effect.

I know I sound like I'm clutching at straws here I just want to make sure its running smoothly before getting it mapped , So I will change the oil and filter anyway to the recommneded .

Thanks for the comments so far any further conclusive advice is greatly appreciated,



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my 1.0 does the same iv got the 125ps 1st and 2nd are good power output then third just dips till the turbo spools and then pulls again, just the car im sure the map will sort this out.

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Hi All , Got a Bluefin map put on this week , and all I can say is its smiles all round . It has totally transformed the car and I cannot believe how much Torque is available in each gear.

Second to third is a 100% better , I would like to time the 0-60 time as this has massively improved , 2nd gear is awesome. I have a K&N panel filter coming so this should help a bit on the airflow and induction noise .

I have to keep reminding myself its just a 1 litre , but its so fast 

In a nut Shell if anyone was considering this , I would say its the best £400 you will spend on this model.

Not sure how it helps fuel economy and when I stop hooning it around I will tell you , lol

Just needs brakes sorting next as the standard ones are woefully inadequate 

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I'd be careful blasting it in 2nd gear, bluefin removes a torque limiter in 2nd gear which, when you drive hard often, can cause synchro problems to occur.

They're well documented on here, tell tale sign is gears not wanting to go in.

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I know exactly what you mean. When I had my Red Edition I was always so annoyed by the sudden lag in performance going from 2nd to 3rd. I posted it on some forums, but nobody really recognized it. I even went to the dealer with it, but they couldn't find anything. It is a sort of turbo lag, but you just wouldn't expect it there. The revs are quite high and in other gears you don't really notice it. 

I found what solved it for me back then; I shifted a little bit slower going from 2nd to 3rd. Just a fraction, but not really the racy shifting from 2nd to 3rd I used to do when accelerating hard. When I was a bit more gentle on the shift, the turbo would pick right up and I would have the full torque and "push" that you would expect. Not sure what it is, but that fixed it for me. Hope it works for you as well, but I guess the Bluefin map already solved it.

Like mentioned before, watch out with the first two gears on the Red edition and a Bluefin map. The torque is lowered in the first two gears by Ford, and there are reports of people messing up the synchro in the first two gears when the torque level rises after a map. Guess not using its power all the time should keep it safe!

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