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Sync 1.1 Update Help


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Hi guys!


So I've been trying for a solid week now trying to get this garbage Sync update to go onto my car, but for the life of me I can't get it to find the update files!  I've downloaded the files from ford.co.uk using my VIN using both my Mac and my Windows based computers with an 8Gb memory stick formatted to FAT32.

Each time I try to run the install it always comes back with "the installation file cannot be found blah blah" so I'm at a loss as for what to do to get this thing updated.  I've heard the latest update will enable Siri eyes free which would be an absolute life saver since Sync 1.1 offers absolutely ZERO phone navigation using the tiny screen.  To be honest I'd be happy with the simple system performance improvements and reliability updates since my phone is constantly disconnecting or crashing with the system.


Thanks in advance!!

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Its a cleaner version of that system but yeah its the Sync 1.1 system with AppLink, Mine has the newer style (Less buttons for media control and dial numbers)

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This might seem a silly question, but how do i know what version of sync i have. I have a focus ecoboost 2013. My phone keeps getting disconnected and when i try to uninstall my phone from sync (for the purpose of reinstalling to hopefully fix bugs) it wont delete. I was hoping to update the sync, but i dont know what version i have, or how to find updates. Please help.

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In 2013 Ford used the SYNC 1.0 system. This was the 1st generation of the SYNC system. The SYNC 1.0 system has only been in production for just over a Year before it was replaced by the improved, further developed SYNC 1.1 system. 

The SYNC 1.0 system can only be updated by a Ford dealer. However shortly after the SYNC 1.1 system was introduced Ford stopped the support for the SYNC 1.0 system so there are no recent updates available. The SYNC 1.0 system has become pretty outdated and has many known compatibility issues with newer phones. The best solution is to upgrade to the SYNC 1.1 system. This requires the APIM (SYNC) module to be replaced and correctly configured.

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