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Hi, I did try and search this but found zero hits.

i have purchased a classic American mustang 65/66. I am looking to register the car in the UK but can’t find the original title. 

How would I go about getting a replacement?? 

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You need to follow the steps as laid down here-

I agree that you may have problems due to not having the original registration paperwork (title) but speak to DVLA for guidance and possible solutions.

I'm sure you won't be the first in this situation (or the last either).

Do you not have a sales receipt (bill of sale) detailing the VIN and other details?

The US can be notoriously officious when allowing vehicles to be exported unless the paperwork adequately details the identity of the vehicle being exported.

Other sites of possible interest-

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Im having same problen with my mk1 escort import from greese  got sale reciept  and photos of vin plate and stamp on inner wing 

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