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Several Fiesta Issues "Help Please"


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Just joined the forum to see if I can get some idea's/help with a few issues I'm having with a fiesta my son bought to learn to drive in, He has a 2009 1.4 petrol Titanium Fiesta which I've just had on a diagnostic machine at the local garage and it showed no faults:


1) - When the car is turned off/not running and the key is withdrawn from the ignition there is what I can only describe as a whirring sound from behind the centre of the dash as if something is still running and it does not stop, It doesn't flatten the battery or stop with anything I do?

2) - Radiator fan comes on the whole time, even when you first start the car its on, Been suggested a relay or temp control switch nothing shown on the diagnostic. Where are these located as I may just replace them any way are they are not expensive but thoughts please?

3) - This is the big one and these two I think could go hand in hand, when running and just idling the engine seems to idle fine then has a small blip/loss of power or something and it gives a small shudder , and on the same thing I see other posts about this but she runs lumpy in the lower gears. She's not smooth through the lower gears and is quite juddery and bolts a bit, Checked the plugs and they seem fine but not done anything else. Again nothing on the diagnostic, I see others have changed the plugs, leads and coil pack but his does not seem to cure it, there must be a reason for this.

Any help on the above points or things to try would be greatly appreciated 





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1 - may be something to do with your heater matrix or air con?

2 - your fan might be hard wired away from the ECU for some reason, (possibly temperature sensor fault/ECU not reading correct temperature for fan to kick in so bypassed it to run all the time)

3 - usual, spark plugs, coil pack and leads, do the cheap things first

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1. The climate system will try to reset the vents to open which makes anwhitting when you first switch off. Perhaps if they are jammed the motors continually try to open them. 

2. The relays are poor but I can’t help with the location. It’s R1 and R7 in the engine bay fuse box on a 2014 Ecoboost. You’ll need to consult the relevant info for your model. 

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1. I had this sorta noise and turned out to be a faulty head unit, my stock head unit CD kept spinning after turning off, easily find out if this is your problem by pulling the fuse for the head unit

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I have the 2011 titanium and

1......mine does make a noise every now and then when car trued off and im 99% it the aircon resetting so yes could be a bit stuck.

2.....this does sound like the sensor to turn fan off and on,mine never played up so cant help to find it.

3.....If its juddery like you said and lumpy when moving is does sound like a sensor fault but if been checked and no lights on or been on or codes recorded its a

bit of hit and miss like said above plugs/coil pack or a broke or loose plug lead.

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All three could well be down to the aircon.

No. 1 could be the flaps closing as mentioned above, no. 2 could be that the aircon generally requires the fan on to aid cooling of the condensor, and no. 3 might be the sudden load that the aircon clutch applies when it engages (I'd only expect to see the idle issue for this though, not general lumpiness).

First things first, is the aircon on? If so see how things are with it turned off.

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Okay update time:

1) I sat in the car for 10 mins or so and the vents thing sounds feasible, after about 5 mins its makes a brief louder motor running type noise (poor description I know) then stops so it does sound if something is operating then gives up or stops. where are the vents, are they accessible/repairable ie spray oil to free them up? It still does this when the AC is off.

2) Went through all the fuses and relays and all seems fine apart from relay R7 (engine cooling fan) is not there its missing, could this be the problem and how and where would I find the correct relay?

3) Changed the air filter as it was manky, checked the plugs and they seem ok but I've ordered a set of ngk one's for £12 from eurocarparts, I followed the below link and tested the leads and they seem fine and fall into the parameters on the link, the coil pack is a Bosch one and I can replace with a Hellas one for £21 but I may try and test the coil pack first. I also took off and cleaned the throttle body but it was fairly clean anyway it was just another thing I read to try.

Oh and think I found the source of the boot leak the passenger side light cluster was missing a rubber grommet which I've had to order as the local ford did not have any.

Thanks for your comments/ideas please keep them coming and I'm sure we'll get there.


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As i said om my message mate and also what MJnewton said at least 2 of them could be connected to the aircon as aircon on and fan is on but you say its off and fan still on.

Mine don't go off as soon as i turn aircon off but its a weird noise like a motor/flap/squeal etc noise.

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