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Advice to help keep cats off car.

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I moved into a new house a few month back and I am having problems with cats (including mine) climbing, walking and sitting on my car. It's getting on my nerves now as I am beginning to see very fine scratches and I am assuming it is them. They leave paw prints and dirt where they have been. I never had this problem at my old house and my cat never did it either until now.

I was thinking of just getting a car cover to help protect the body work but it would just be a faf to put it on, take it off everyday/journey. 

Anyone had this problem or similar? 

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Nothing you can do apart from park somewhere else.  Cats are awful tbh, they do scratch cars, especially when it's wet and they slip, plus they crap everywhere.  I'd ban the lot of them personally...  

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I see you have your own cat so I guess an air gun is out of the question, and those sonic things that emit a noise would most likely stop your own cat returning home. You could get a cardboard cut out of a dog and stick it in the window or cover the car in baby oil?

In all seriousness though, it is a bit of a bugger isn’t it, there is not a great deal you can do apart from cover the car is there? There are actually a few other ideas I have got for you.

Mix your own cat repellant spray and then spray the wheels with it. Cats hate citrus scents so use an essential oil mixed with water.

They also don’t like the some dried herbs, particularly lavender or lavender.

Try a citrus scented detailing spray, if such a one exists

This is not a popular opinion amongst cat owners but why is it considered ok to put your cat out at nigh or whenever and allow them to wander through peoples gardens, in and out of sheds, through open patio doors within your secure back garden. It’s considered ok for them to dig in your garden and ***** in the flowerbeds, sit on the fence and torment the dog etc. I wouldn’t dream of letting my dog do these things (he can’t sit on the fence obviously) and it wouldn’t be acceptable to other people if it did. So why can cats? Sorry just my opinion but I think it’s a valid point. I’m not aiming this at the OP or any other singular owner, it’s just a blanket statement

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I was going to say the best way to deter other cats is......to get a cat.  As you seem to already have one, I'm surprised he/she isn't very territorial and doing the job of chasing others away as mine does.  I have heard citrus peels or spraying citrus zest around the area you don't want them SHOULD work as i know they don't like that but obviously you don't want to deter your own cat (i presume).

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