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Should I send it back

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I got a new turbo for an 03 fiesta 1.4 tdci today from evil bay now it was only £103 inc post but when the box was opened I noticed part numbers on the turbine housing ie "54351014861" have been grind off and the metal plate which should have the makers name on it ie KP35 and other numbers has been removed and another right cheap looking Chinese crappy looking thing riveted on. Plus there's a plastic protective cap on one end other of the turbine but not the other also the 2 oil feed holes have been left open so for all I know dirt and ***** from getting made and packing could be inside ready to destroy it from the word go. This is where the numbers should be but are grind off.

Should I email to say I'm not happy and want refunded and explain why or fit and chance it..


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Ultimately you get what you pay for. It may just be a crap rebranding job, and the underlying Turbo is actually a brand name part. Or it may be chinesium through and through (not that some parts aren't anyway).

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Yes you're right....you get what you pay for ie total sh1te in this case :angry::rolleyes:

Plus today 2 of the 4 manifold bolts wouldn't line up with the holes on the turbo, I emailed them to say everything that's wrong and said it'll be packed up and sent back which it is I said that they're selling counterfeit shoddy goods and I'll report them if I don't get refunded. The main reason I didn't get mine refurbed is because the fan blades at the air filter hose end are jammed against the outer housing, I did get a price of 250 to get mine rebuilt and thought it to expensive....now I know it's not plus it's a local company that I can go back to should I get problems.

I hope I get refunded or it's an expensive lesson learned as it's 100 that could have went towards a proper rebuild, bugger..

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