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Gearbox issues


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Hi all,

I've recently bought a 2007 Fiesta 1.4 petrol with 85000 miles as a second car. Changing out of 2nd and 4th has been getting worse and worse since I bought, but didn't really notice on the test drive, other than thinking I'm just not used to it compared to our main car - 2011 Focus 1.6 ecoboost. Car wasn't used since Tuesday and got into it this morning and I had to really pull the gear level to get it out of 2nd and 4th. It's sometimes a bit stiff getting into those gears as well, and reserve sometimes doesn't feel that positive and need to try again, but I remember that bring the case of my old 2004 Focus. 

I know of the problems when the gearbox warms up but this is happening more when it's been left. If it's being used more regularly then it isn't as bad. I did have the gear selector at the front of the gearbox apart and put some copper grease on there and freed it up a bit just as a precaution, although didn't get the stage of reaming the bush. 

I have also greased up where I could at the gearbox end with multi-purpose grease and it feel slightly better the day after, only to feel worse again after not driving again until this morning (wife has used it on Tuesday only so only used twice in nearly a week)

Thirdly, the gearbox oil was changed before I bought the car. If the wrong oil was used, would it only have an effect on 2 out of the 5 gears? 

Any other advice or suggestions are very welcome!

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