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Mk7.5 1.5TDCI Sounds like a tractor?


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I've got a 1.5 TDCI MK7.5 with 36K on the clock. When I'm pulling away in 1st and sometimes this happens into 2nd too it just sounds like a tractor... that typical diesel sound...! and was wondering if there was a way I can supress this somehow and make it quieter?

A friend of mine told me to drain the oil, flush it, get a new filter and fill it back up with some decent oil and not the leftovers from a fryer like the garage probably use?

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?



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are you saying it has got worse, or it was like this from new or you only just bought it.  Mine has an undertray under the engine made out some sort cardboardy-felt stuff. I assume it is there to try to reduce the noise. does yours have that?  I don't know if they all had it when new. it has to come off to change oil, perhaps some people never put them back on, or they fall off perhaps.

I find my mk7.5 1.5tdci a lot quieter than my my previous mk6.5 1.6tdci. 

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