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Stolen :(


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Thought I'd go for a nice bank holiday drive after not getting behind the wheel for 2 weeks... and my Fiesta's nowhere to be seen. After my building's conceriege spent half an hour checking CCTV footage, seems that it was nicked 12 days ago and I was none the wiser. Even though I live on the 5th floor and the car was parked around the corner, seems the thieves had no problem getting in with my keys so far away.

Anyone else had theirs stolen this way? Doing some research seems it's prevalant with Fiestas. First time I've had a car stolen so hasn't really sunk in and don't really know what to do... 😕



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bad karma dude !

its a real nice car so i hope it gets recovered in one piece soon bud.

nothing else you can do other than let the police and insurers do their jobs.

fingers crossed for a positive outcome

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I haven't even successfully reported it to the police yet... 101 is too busy for anything that isn't anti social behaviour, so have to submit a form on the Met Police's website and wait for a phone call "within 48 hours"...

Hopefully it'll be recovered - more so for the fact it's a lease and I have a feeling I'll end up out of pocket more than my insurance excess 😕

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