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No diesel getting to filter


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My 2006 1.4 tdci suddenly stopped, no spluttering, no coughing, just cut out as I was driving along.

Now the engine turns over fine but doesn't fire up.

All the fuses are ok but when I pulled a pipe off the fuel filter and cranked, there was no fuel to be seen and I can't even pump fuel up with the bubble hand pump.

Any one experienced this before? Any advice would be very welcome

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Does the fuel pump turn on when you turn the ignition on? You should hear it prime for a second then go off.
Get someone to try starting the car whilst you listen in the rear footwell.
You should hear it quite clearly.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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I might be wrong but I don't think these fiesta diesels have any kind of electric pump. I think the only pump is the high pressure mechanical pump driven by the timing belt. This means that if there is any kind of slight airleak on the pipes before the fuel gets to the high pressure mechanical pump (or you disconnect pipe from filter), the fuel runs all the way back down the pipes into the fuel tank and needs the fuel pipes bleeding (as well as curing leak which could be something like where the pipe goes on to the fuel filter. the high pressure mechanical pump can't suck the fuel up that far when there is air in there.  the car in question has the bubble hand pump, not all do. is this definitely in good order (do they ever perish and crack and let air in?)

silly question, I assume you have checked there is fuel in the tank. perhaps fuel pipe blocked somewhere under the car with silt etc? not all that likely . I think you need to get pipe off fuel tank and see if fuel can be successfully sucked from the tank outlet.  then maybe have fuel pipe removed from filter , blow in one end of pipe and see if the air comes out the other end (using someone else there?)

when I changed the filter on my previous 1.6tdci it took me all afternoon to get the thing running properly again due to air in it and no bubble hand pump


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Isetta is correct, no electric tank pump on these, they wouldn't fit a hand pump if there was.

If there's no resistance when using the hand pump then either there's no fuel in the tank (gauge could be wrong!) or there's a leak in the pipework, or the hand pump is broken, either perished or the one way valve has stuck open.

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