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Daughter owns a 2005 ST150 Fiesta 05 reg.

Hit a deer on the M3 last week.

Bust the nearside part of the bumper and took the fog light off ripping the nearside quarter of the front bumper.

I've just been down the scrappy and he has a Fiesta Zetec in with the front bumper intact, this model is a 56 reg.

The ST my daughter has has smooth headlights, the one in the scrappy has a bubble in the headlight cover.

A couple of questions please:-

Will the 56 reg bumper fit?

Does it matter that it's not a ST bumper? In that will it fit and be legal (not interested if it looks sporty at this stage!).

Also there is some confusion between it being a MK5 (which I thought it was) or a MK6?!

If anyone has a front bumper which would fit stuck away in their garage or shed then put your hand up! :-)

Thanks for entertaining my ramblings!


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I think a zetec bumper will fit, as I did see someone selling a zetec s with that bumper on. You can also search for people breaking a zetec s as those come with the same bumpers as an ST. On the facelift fiesta (mk6.5) they did change some things on it including the front and rear lights. I'm sure there was a guide on the fiesta guide section on how to install the newer lights on the car. Here's a picture of my zetec s just to show how similar it is to an ST. 



Here's the guide to change the lights to the facelift 


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Hopefully someone will be along to give you a definitive answer, but I had a quick search for ST150 2005 bumpers, and most of the results I found claimed to be suitable for all Fiesta models 2005-2008. Although I can't vouch for this 100%, it looked to me that the only difference was the external styling of the STs vs regular Zetecs. Not sure if it's any help, but I found these on eBay:


That is an ST bumper with the more pronounced grille, and it appears to have bubble lights too.


That one seems to be a regular Fiesta 2005-2008 bumper, but also with bubbles.


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Mk5 is 1999-2002. Mk6 was 2002-2006 and mk6.5 2006-2008.

The 56 reg bumper may be from a facelift so fitment may not be right, but I've no real experience with the mk6 so couldn't say.

Personally I'd try and find the ST bumper it's supposed to have. Anything else would lower the value of the car and possiblly ring alarm bells to potential buyers later down the line as to the fact it's been repaired before.

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