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Rookie Kenwood KSC SW11 install issues!


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Hi all,


unsure if if this is the right sub section of the forum but here goes........


Struggling with the above sub install in my no 7.5 fiesta. I went with Paramanic’s guide as follows:



...........and ended up with this:




when I try to launch everything is fine but volume stuck at zero. Sub has power (blue light on controller). Also worth noting if I use the WAMO clips to reside back to normal it all works fine again on the stock system.


I tried first without the WAMO clips, I.e. bullet connectors per Paramanic’s guide and then with........ same thing happens either way.


At a complete loss for why this won’t work for me, any ideas?


worth noting I accidentally cut the wrong of two white/browns — one has a thick (wrong) and the other a thin (correct) brown line........... assume not an issue because it all works fine if I revert to stock wiring as mentioned .


any suggestions?

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