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End of an Era... last of my fez


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Well guys time has come to say goodbye to my well loved fiesta ...... 
Been 4 years I had it and never seen another like it... it was running 170bhp after dual pass intercooler was fitted but needed to move on so i can get a weekend car in future 
It will be missed and fun times ive had with it along with all the friends it has brought me 
I will still be around the forum but in a different section now as i have bought a focus titanium estate with active park assist 

Here is my project page from start to finish ......

Here is my farewell post with lots of images 

Here is some last images of it (a lot more on last thread in my project page) 

Last Image where i travelled 

I will still be around just in another section now 🙂


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Yeah buddy didnt even advertise and a guy bought them straight off me lol still left with a few things but they will shift in a few weeks to be honest. I had over £2,000 of mods on my car I know modded cars like a 1.0 dont sell so may aswell sell and get my money back 🙂   got 3/4 atm just some things still to sell but only advertised locally 🙂

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