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New Kuga Owner, since yesterday

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Picked up my Ford Kuga last night.

Its a silver 2.0 TDCi 4x2, 2013 Titanium, with Appearance and Convenience Packs fitted.

Drives very well, giving a much elevated position compared to the VX Astra I had before.

Looking at the trip computer, it states an average mpg of 43.6, which seems to be about the right mark for that engine.

Tried the Active Park Assist this morning. I was sceptical, but it worked a treat!

Not sure its something I'll use too often, but nice to know if it looks a bit tight, but the car says it can fit in, then it probably can!

Couple of pics attached, taken this morning.

Looking forward to getting to know the car now. But been after an SUV for years now.



20180614_083502 - Copy.jpg

20180614_083526 - Copy.jpg

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Well, a week into Kuga ownership, and still loving the car, and getting to know it.

I have my Ipod nano connected via USB, and that works great - as it did in my Focus Titanium a few years ago.

Few little observations and queries, which some may be able to clear up.

Ford Etis states: 'Keyless System' withe 'Keyless start'. I presume this means it doesn't have keyless entry, as it doesn't have the small square on the door handle either?

I have seen mention about the Sync display not showing track names from bluetooth devices using Spotify. My phone is a galaxy S8, and using spotify last night, I could change tracks via the player and steering wheel, but it just had 'bluetooth device' or similar on the display. Is there a fix for this?

I have also seen mention that later MK2 Kuga's have a digital speedometer display, available from the information sub-menu. Mine doesn't (Jan 2013 build), again, is this something that can be added by firmware upgrade?




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